Youth Participation Groups

Are you aware of any active running Youth Participation Groups or professionals doing Youth Participation work with young people locally or nationally?

Hi, I’m Aunika the Youth Participation Lead for NWG. The NWG Network in the past have run Youth Advisory Board or YAB for short, it is a national forum that supports young people to have a voice in the strategic planning of the NWG Network. The purpose of the YAB is to inform and influence the policies and practices of the NWG Network and their members.

I am very keen to connect with Youth Advisory Boards, Forums, Panels – groups that meet for youth participation purposes. I am anticipating engaging with current Youth Participation groups to see how NWG can support and develop potential partnership work to further tackle Child Exploitation.

Please forward any links and contact details for organisations/professionals that could assist.

Aunika Blake

CSE Response Unit

Youth Participation Lead