Working for Marcus by Caroline Bridges, Business Growth Manager Loudmouth

Phewf! Back from the NWG 2016 conference with lots of useful ideas and some great reminders of the need to address the needs of boys and young men and ensure that Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) education reaches all young people.

There are a couple of exciting adaptations that we have launched as part of our theatre in education programme on CSE: Working For Marcus.

Firstly, we have made adaptations for the workshop to cover the issue of male victims, so that the issue is looked at in terms of both males and female exploitation.

Secondly, we are increasingly being asked to run the programme in special schools and so we have made a number of subtle changes to adapt to the needs of these groups. This includes lowering the volume levels of music and actors in the performance, simplifying aspects of the workshop, adding extra time for young people to work with their own teachers to think of questions to ask the character in the ‘hotseat’ section (young people are invited to ask questions and give advice to the victim character).

In addition to this, a new exercise has been introduced at the end of the session to explore the key signs that the relationship portrayed in the performance is not a healthy one, e.g taking the victim to clubs, asking for photos, convincing her she didn’t need her family and friends, etc.

Our staff have just had refresher training in how to deliver sessions effectively in special school settings so we’re looking forward to reaching even more young people with this important programme.

It was great to learn at the conference about so many innovations and we would love to hear about other educational work going on.

We can be contacted at and 0121 446 4880.
Loudmouth exhibition stand at NWG 2016 Conference