Working Alongside Families: Experts by Experience

You may have seen the recent email sent out to the Network about the new CPD Accredited training course Working Alongside Families: Experts by Experience” that was delivered for the first time on 4th December. I just wanted to share a little more about the course.

Throughout my time working directly with young people I have striven to ensure that their voices are heard and that they are involved in any decision making; after all it is their life! One thing that has always struck me is that the voice of parents and other family members who are significant to the young person seem to be lost or just not heard at all. So many conversations and meetings become about what the family are not doing well or not doing enough of and they never seem to be key in the decision making process. I find this incredibly frustrating as a worker, how this has made those parents feel I can never truly understand. I know that this is not an effective way of working in partnership and over my working career I have ensured that I do all I can to hear those voices, whether young person, parent or family member, and that I considered what they are saying. I work from a strengths based approach – we all have strengths but sometimes we don’t get the chance to share them or are not asked about them and the focus remains on negatives just too much.

Since starting at NWG over 2 years ago a whole package of accredited training courses has been developed . These have been well received in different areas of the country. When I began developing training courses I knew it was important to have a course focusing on the experiences of children, young people and families and the course needed to be produced based on those experiences, using the voices of families affected by CSE. I am in awe of the determination and strength of all the families who supported me to write this course. They wanted to be involved because they want practitioners and services to hear them and learn from them and to develop their practice to work alongside families.

So although you may have seen our training updates email I wanted to share the news that it’s now time for the release of this course because it is big news and together we can develop our practice and  can shift to a culture where working alongside a family, having them as a safeguarding partner is quite simply the norm.

Feedback from the first course:

“An informative and challenging day of training, helping us as Professionals to recognise and re-evaluate how we have supported Parents in the past.  The overarching message of the day being that Parents would just like someone to see them as they are, meet with them at the place of their need and enable them to work alongside Professionals in order to safeguard their child”.

“I found the training to be eye opening – although it shouldn’t be! It makes perfect sense to make families partners in the fight against CSE. I think some of the best information comes from the people closest to victims of CSE and it makes sense on every level to be working with families and keeping them included at every step of the way. The training was professionally delivered with a human focus. I would recommend it to any agencies working on the battle against CSE.”

Dates for the next training:

25.02.19 Somerset

09.04.19 Derby