Statutory Consultation – Home Office

This is an update on:

– Modern Slavery Act 2015 Statutory Guidance

– National Referral Mechanism statistics: user feedback survey

– COVID-19

Modern Slavery Act 2015 Statutory Guidance

Today we have published statutory guidance under section 49(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. This guidance covers indicators that a person may be a victim of modern slavery, the support available to potential victims and victims, and the decision-making process for determining if someone is a victim.

This guidance sets out how the system works at present. Modern slavery policy is a rapidly evolving area and as such, the Statutory Guidance will need updating periodically to reflect future changes and we will work with partners to deliver this. The statutory guidance will replace a number of existing guidance documents:

• Guidance: Duty to Notify the Home Office of potential victim of modern slavery

• Victims of modern slavery: frontline staff guidance:

• Victims of modern slavery: competent authority guidance

• Multi-Agency Assurance Panels Guidance

The statutory guidance is available at the following URL:

Any questions or comments about the guidance should be sent

National Referral Mechanism statistics: user feedback survey

As highlighted in the 2019 quarter 2 and 3 NRM statistical bulletins, we are looking to gain a better understanding of how NRM statistics are used, and to gather feedback and suggestions on how we can ensure the NRM bulletins are meeting your needs as users.

To do this, we have created a user-feedback survey, which should take no longer than 10-20 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed via the link to a SmartSurvey in the attached document.

The survey will remain open until the 1st of May 2020.


We understand that many of you are concerned about how the Covid-19 pandemic will affect our ability to support victims of modern slavery in the NRM.

We are in discussions with the providers of the Modern Slavery Victim Care Contract, who are engaged in their own contingency planning to keep accommodation and associated support services available to victims in line with Public Health England advice, but as you can appreciate, we are having to carefully manage a constantly changing situation.

Please be reassured that the Government continues to be committed to providing support for victims of modern slavery and ensuring that they have access to the services they need during this time.

If you are concerned about someone, existing sources of advice and support remain available to victims, including the NRM.

All individuals working on the direct management and delivery of the Victim Care Contract are included in the definition of key workers for the purposes of access to school places. This will be subject to decisions from headteachers, who will be working locally to prioritise school places where there are teacher shortages.

The Single Competent Authority will maintain its decision making operations during this time but will of course be impacted by the current circumstances, particularly where there may be staff shortages and limited access to offices.

Please contact us via if you have any queries.