Trees Newsletter – Together Reducing and Ending Exploitation in Shropshire

Welcome the 3rd edition of our TREES newsletter.
I’d like to start by thanking you all for your continued commitment in
following the SSCP exploitation pathway. Despite the current restrictions, we
are still seeing a steady stream of risk assessments being sent through.
Further lockdown measures have brought additional challenges for all of us.
This includes one of the emerging themes we have seen in the past quarter –
exploiters have been forced to use and develop different methods to target
our children. More details of this have been provided in the Emerging
Themes article on Page 7.
Our main feature this month is a powerful piece which a parent has kindly
shared with us – this is well worth a read, as it provides a hard-hitting insight
of one family’s experience of CE in Shropshire.
Clare Jervis
Exploitation and Missing Lead
Compass Exploitation Team
[email protected]

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TREES Newsletter Issue 3