Delivered by Mike Hand

During his time in the Serious Organised Crime Agency Mike led a major Investigation into Trafficking of females for Sexual Exploitation into the UK. A mirror Investigation with Lithuanian Police led to the arrest and prosecution of 7 trafficking groups in the UK and drastically reduced the trafficking of Lithuanian females to the UK

Mike received an official letter of thanks from the Lithuanian Government. The only UK citizen to receive such an award. Mike was seconded to the UK Human Trafficking Centre from 2008 until 2011 as lead tactical advisor.

After leaving the UKHTC in 2011 Mike joined the NWG Network’s specialist team as Law-enforcement lead and helped to inform the issue of internal Trafficking of indigenous children within UK and was the tactical advisor to the largest internal child trafficking investigation within the UK, as a result of which the UK government launched a National inquiry that influenced the UK action plan on Child Sexual exploitation.

Mike received a Chief Constables Commendation for his support during the investigation.

Mike is recognised as a Human Trafficking expert by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the EU and has delivered training programmes for these organisations in Moldova and Uganda helping the Ugandan Government to write and implement its Human Trafficking Action Plan.

Mike has spoken at Human Trafficking conferences in countries such as, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Belgium, Sweden, Lithuania and Moldova.

Mike has also given expert witness evidence for the National Crime Agency during a successful Human trafficking prosecution in the Central Criminal Court.

In April 2016 Mike relocated to France.

Mike now has his own training company specifically to deliver Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery training to first responders. Mike was appointed as co-chair of a Home Office working group to design and standardise training on Human Trafficking and Slavery as part of the introduction of the new Modern Slavery Act 2015 and regularly returns to the UK to deliver training