The NWG Exploitation Response Unit  (formerly National Working Group For Sexually Exploited Children and Young People)  is a charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 14 500 practitioners who disseminate our information down through their services, to professionals working on the issue of child exploitation (CE) and trafficking within the UK. Our network covers voluntary and statutory services and private companies working in this field. We offer support, advice and raise the profile, provide updates, training, share national developments, influence the development of national and local policy informed by practice. We have developed our youth advisory board to enable young peoples’ voices to be heard through the work that we do.

Our team is made up of specialists with a range of skills and are there to offer support and expertise to the network, we will proactively engage with Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards (LSCB’s) and their partner agencies, media, researchers and policy writers promoting child sexual exploitation, training, prevention work, disruption, prosecution and therapeutic care for victims and survivors by sharing effective practice, developing according to need, and actively seeking effective practice from other countries tackling sexual exploitation and trafficking within the UK.

Its challenging work and we have learnt that networking professionals together is one of the answers to enable us all to improve our responses, what does and doesn’t work well and to access support in difficult times.  Remember this is your network and the more you add to it the more you all increase the value of the support all our members get.

The NWG Exploitation Response Unit is the only child sexual exploitation network working across voluntary/statutory agencies tackling child sexual exploitation, with links across Europe, South East Asia, Africa, Canada and USA exchanging knowledge, understanding and dedicated to seeking ways to find alternative solutions.

The network links professionals involved in creating the best response for children and young people and their families who have become subjected to child exploitation (CE). We all know becoming victim to this abuse has devastating effects on our children, their lives and their family’s lives. Whether you are already managing the strategic or operational response within your area, whether providing the research and validated learning from past cases, developing provision or resources, everyone is aiming to improve the outcomes for young people and their families.

Initiatives to help get the message out include an annual National Child Exploitation Awareness Day (18th March) and using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We organise regular forums, events and surgeries for the network including forums for front line practitioners and specialist learning and development seminars. Details of forums and seminars including dates are on our ‘events’ section HERE.

Our extensive member resource library currently holds over 1,500 relevant and useful resources which are available to the gold network (fee-paying) and offer consultation and advice on the subject of child sexual exploitation, wider exploitation and associated issues. Our public resources library is growing rapidly and offers research items, reports and community-focused resources to everyone, free to download. The network continues to grow rapidly as more endeavour to improve services, with organisations sharing their knowledge and practice with others, sharing the information from the network through over 14,500 dissemination points in those organisations through their own networks means the network covers thousands of professionals who share the same goals, aiming to ‘get it right’ for those victimised by sexual abuse.

NWG Aims and Objectives

Our principal aim is to offer support and advice to those working with children and young people under eighteen who are affected by abuse through exploitation. The Charity’s object is to tackle child exploitation, in particular, but not exclusively, by promoting, enabling, supporting and developing the protection of children and young people who are affected by sexual exploitation.

Mission Statement

To assist in the eradication of the exploitation and/or modern slavery of children and young people.


  • To provide a network for projects or organisations concerned with the exploitation and/or modern slavery of young people.
  • To provide links into current research, policy and project developments within the field and offer the opportunity for examples of improving and developing practice to be shared and discussed.
  • To encourage co-ordination of different approaches and aim to contribute to the development of UK wide policy and practice related to sexual exploitation and/or Modern Slavery.
  • To encourage child-centred practices that recognise and respect diversity.


  • To develop an appropriate support network for services working with young people at risk of or experiencing exploitation and/or Modern Slavery.
  • To enable the network to be heard as a collective group of projects and organisations working in the field of sexual exploitation and/or Modern Slavery.

Note – NWG Network – Statement on Modern Slavery.

We recognise that Modern Slavery is a worldwide issue that manifests in a wide range of experience of abuse. Our aim is to continue to raise awareness of child and young person related to Modern Slavery. To share information and promote the use of relevant legislation for young people who are indigenous to the UK or are expected to arrive into the UK including the benefits of modern slavery legislation.