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2021 PhD student workshop

Are you, or is someone you know, currently undertaking doctoral research into issues relating to child sexual abuse?



We are, once again, welcoming PhD researchers to join us for a participative one-day online workshop on Wednesday 30th June. As our fifth event of this kind, the session will be specially facilitated by Professor Liz Kelly from the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit at London Metropolitan University. Presentations from researchers can focus on early results, or on conceptual or methodological challenges; we welcome a variety of students to get in touch. Please help us spread the word about this unique opportunity.

 Key Messages from Research

A little reminder of our accessible, succinct papers compiling the most up-to-date research into an easy-to-read overview of themes and issues within child sexual abuse. For practitioners, managers, commissioners and policy makers, these reports are designed to provide greater knowledge and confidence in understanding of and responses to child sexual abuse.



Our latest reports include: Child sexual abuse perpetrated by adults, Looked-after children and sexual abuse and Identifying and responding to disclosures of child sexual abuse.


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Improving responses to the sexual abuse of Black, Asian and minority ethnic children


“[From] the person making the referral, the person recording what those concerns were, the social worker going out to the home, making decisions, the management who are challenging or not challenging those decisions, to [child protection] chairs, to the [independent reviewing officers], to the panels, to the judges, there is no one part of the system that is exempt … Our policies, our legislation, the guidance, every aspect of it is biased. [Until] we begin to unpick what that means and how it impacts upon people and how there is actually inherent bias built into the system, we will continue to have those … statistics.”


Don’t forget to read our latest report, where we commissioned the Race Equality Foundation (REF) to explore the perspectives of professionals working with children from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds who have experienced child sexual abuse.


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