Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Roundtable Discussion

A few weeks ago the authors of our sibling sexual abuse report, Stuart Allardyce and Peter Yates, joined us to host a small virtual roundtable for policy makers and practitioners, on our latest paper: Sibling Sexual Abuse: a knowledge and practice overview. 24 of us, including some of you readers, gathered together one Friday afternoon to discuss our collective experiences of one of the most hidden forms of all child sexual abuse and debate why this paper was so important.

In this new blog, guest authored by Stuart, he outlines some of the discussions from this session, including the complex nature of this abuse and what is needed next.

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse:
Reflections on the government’s first CSA Strategy 


“…it marks a step away from the pendulum swing of outrage that has too often driven local and national responses over the last 20 plus years, as focus swings from one high profile scandal to another. Instead, it presents the first step towards a strategic approach to tackling this national threat consistently – and with a clear head.”
You may have seen our initial comments welcoming the introduction of the first ever cross-government approach to tackling child sexual abuse. In this blog our Director Ian Dean takes another look, focusing on two points in more detail: the need for much better information on the true prevalence of child sexual abuse, and the importance of maintaining the strategy’s broad and very welcome focus on all forms of child sexual abuse.
Sibling Sexual Abuse:
A knowledge and practice overview

As a must read for all professionals working with children, this report considers the complex issues and challenges raised by sibling sexual abuse, and provides findings from research and practice to support professionals in approach. Thought to be three times as common as parental abuse, most professionals are likely to encounter sibling sexual abuse at some stage of their careers. Focussing specifically on the assessment and intervention of sibling sexual abuse, the report promotes a child-first approach, looking at a family holistically and encouraging cross-agency collaboration.

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