WiSE Project -Surrey

The WiSE Project works to raise awareness of, prevent and disrupt Sexual Exploitation. We have workers in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and Surrey offering 1-1 casework and group work/outreach for young people aged 13-25. We also deliver training for professionals (basic and advanced) through the LSCB (Check out their website for details and booking) and we can come to team meetings and sessions of other projects within our areas to update and inform staff.

Through our NTE campaign we are working with hotels, pubs, clubs and bars to raise awareness as well as conducting outreach sessions in various night time venues using our specially designed materials. We have strong links with our vibrant and diverse communities including within the LGBT community. Contact us: To find out more about The WiSE Project or if you are experiencing or know someone who may be experiencing sexual exploitation please get in touch.

Remit area: Surrey

The WiSE Project YMCA DLG, 17 Marmion Road, Hove, BN3 5FS

Email: [email protected]