What can I do with this awful pain


That festers in my heart?


Pain that shreds me, cuts me up


Pain that tears me apart.


How do I face emotion or feelings?


Each pang of sorrow or fear,


Unable to face them, helpless and frightened


I suppress each rising tear


Pain overwhelms me, like a monstrous storm


No control, unleashed from within,


I need to contain it, need to suppress it,


I must not let it win.


I can’t let it go, I need the control


Knife, scissors, sharp metal blade,


In time the scars may fade.


Restless and desperate, with trembling hand


Scratching, carving my skin,


A sharp sting, I see blood, all is numb,


A strange calm now within.


I look at my wounds, disappointed with self,


That I had to harm for release.


Surely there must be some other way


To find that inner peace.


The fix is short lived and I know that in time


The feelings will surface again,


But for now at least


I have quieted the storm


Exchanging a wound for my pain


By PM.


A young person