Safeguarding in Sport and the new education term begins. 

Safeguarding in Sport and the new education term begins. 

Alas, the school holidays are nearly over and thoughts turn to the new school term and the new opportunities that become available at school to try new sports or other extracurricular activities. As parents we want our children to try new experiences and enjoy them such as new sports, drama classes or learning to play a musical instrument, however, we also want our children to be safe in their chosen activities, we do not need reminding of the abuses that have taken place (and are still taking place) in sport and the entertainment industries. Many of these activities take place outside of the school environment and away from the family home, this is where children are more at risk!. 

A lot of child protection and safeguarding training focuses on signs and symptoms that children may display within a school environment, after all they should be there for the 190 days of the academic year and are more visible to staff who have received safeguarding training. However, outside of the school environment we should be focussing on the people who may abuse our children and places where abuses can happen. The Voices for Truth and Dignity research project was developed by a consortium of colleagues including the NWG along with Edge Hill University and colleagues from 5 other European Universities and 4 national support federations who have collaborated together and developed a suite of resources to help sports clubs and other providers of extra-curricular activities to understand how abuse can occur and the steps they need to take to prevent it occurring within thier sport or activity. The suite of resources has been developed using the voices of adults who were abused through sport and their stories translated in short videos that are accompanied by a facilitator’s manual in order to help assist with the delivery of safeguarding programmes. The videos are not designed to replace safeguarding training that is currently available but should be used to enhance the experience. These resources are unique as the narrative on the videos is the person with the “lived experience” of the abuse that took place, it is their genuine story to tell and all the “voices” were involved in the development of these resources. Topics covered include the impact of non-contact abuse, peer on peer abuse, same sex abuse, abuse of a single child by a sports coach and multiple abuses perpetrated by a single coach. Please do visit the web site linked below and especially the resources section where you can read more about the research project and access the videos and facilitators manuals and all for FREE. 

As always I am happy to take any calls or messages about the resources, about how they were developed as well as giving advice about how they can be delivered. 

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