Is it right to stop a father and his daughter in a hotel and ask the question?

Over the past few days we have seen the discussions circulating on the father who was stopped and asked questions in a hotel when booking himself and his daughter in to stay.

Is it a sign that we as a public are becoming more aware and are prepared to ask the right questions to ensure our children are safe? How should a hotel manager, desk clerk, porter know what the relationship is between the two?

In this time of awareness and proactively engaging to stop sexual abuse and exploitation of our children we must be able to ask questions and establish hotels are not used for this crime.

Operation Kern in Derby showed how hotels were used and how hotel staff did not ask questions that may well have prevented a young lady from being raped

It’s difficult to assess what the relationship is from a distance, most children will not ask for help or show their distress, so the only way to make sure is to ask the question.

As a mother, I would be very pleased that someone had made sure my child was safe, asked the right questions and know how to call for assistance if they were concerned.

Of course, it could be embarrassing and even make some people feel awkward, but surely that is better than allowing something you are uncertain about to go ahead.

At the NWG we promote a zero tolerance towards sexual abuse and exploitation but no one person or authority can do this alone, we must work together and challenge when we become concerned from whatever industry or profession we work in, whatever communities we engage in and whatever social events we attend. Together we can help to create a safe environment for our children to grow up.

Sheila Taylor CEO


10th April 2017