Recovering from COVID – issues affecting CYP services

During April/June the Children’s Society collaborated with other partners across the sector on an online evidence collection form for professionals working in children’s and young people’s services to flag issues they were seeing in the course of their work. Through this form, we were able to collect a rich body of data that informed a series of briefings that many across the sector found invaluable, and which fed directly into discussions with Government to help shape their response to the crisis.

With the situation worsening throughout the country, we now want to re-launch the form. We have revised it slightly so it asks professionals to highlight issues they are seeing following the re-opening of schools and services and their concerns for the months and years ahead. The form is available at this link: Recovering from COVID-19: issues affecting services for children and young people.

If anyone has any questions about this project, please get in touch with [email protected]