What Questions Should Practitioners and Managers Ask Themselves About Their Services?

Our first NWG Marginalised Communities forum took place at Oakhampton in beautiful Devon on the 20th October 2015.

We were treated to a presentation by Rod Landman from the ARC Project, and his colleagues Sharon and Claire who provide a peer training model for Sexual Health, Safe Relationships and CSE in Devon and Cornwall. At the end of the day we discussed what network members should be asking themselves about their response to Child Sexual Exploitation and Rod developed a useful set of questions.

Five strategic questions:

1) Have I included learning disability in my thinking?

2) Is my service accessible to people with learning disability?

3) Do I involve people with learning disabilities in how I plan and deliver my services?

4) What links do I have with learning disability services in my area?

5) Do I have a strategic plan for meeting the needs of people with learning disabilities?


Five operational questions:

1) How can I encourage more reporting of abuse/exploitation by people with learning disabilities?

2) How am I recording ‘learning disability’ as a factor?

3) How can support people in the criminal justice system?

4) What training do I need to secure for my team?

5) What part can I play in developing a Ring of Safety for people?

For those who were not at the event the Ring of Safety can be seen at http://www.wecarealot.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/The-Ring-of-Safety-article.pdf

Rod and I would be interested in peoples views on this as we would like to follow up at a future Forum

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