Peer on Peer Abuse

Good afternoon colleagues,

last week I was very fortunate to attend an excellent event in London organised by Farrer & Co Safeguarding Unit. The whole event was focussed at peer on peer abuse and was very well attended. The hosts of the event kindly shared their latest Peer on Peer abuse tool kit which has been developed with the assistance of many professionals who work within safeguarding from many differing perspectives. Peer on Peer abuse is quite often under reported and understood, many schools are fully aware of this form of abuse as it does occur within school settings manifesting itself in differing behaviours. Sports clubs need to be aware of peer on peer abuse within their communities and the need to identify and manage these behaviours, to help with this I have added a link below to the peer on peer abuse tool kit that Farrer’s have developed that will help you understand the context of what peer on peer abuse constitutes as well as guidance and a template policy that you can adopt for your club.
Toolkit 1: Guidance on peer-on-peer abuse policy Introduction The Safeguarding Unit at Farrer & Co has produced the attached template peer-on-peer abuse policy (templatepolicy), which encapsulates a Contextual Safeguarding approach, in collaboration with Dr Carlene Firmin, MBE – who

Following the inclusion of sport in the new Working Together to Safeguard Children statutory guidance published in July 2018 it is vital for sports clubs to realise their commitments to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and to recognise peer on peer abuse within their sport and manage it effectively. If you would like any information regarding this message or would like a discussion regarding safeguarding in sport then please do contact me directly at the CSE Response Unit.

Kevin Murphy

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