Parents in Sport Week 7th -13th October 2019

Parents in Sport Week 

The NWG along with the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and many others have been commissioned by Sport England to provide a wealth of experience and support to the sports sector to help them improve their response to the abuse of children and adults and also develop resources for sport clubs and parents to help prevent abuse occurring in the first instance.  

We have all seen the media reports of coaches being convicted of abusing children, the published report into abuses at Chelsea Football Club as well as the ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Abuse chaired by Professor Alexis Jay of the abuse of children in many other institutions and settings including children’s homes and the Church. 

With this in mind the NWG are supporting the CPSU’s annual autumn campaignParents in Sport Week and the Sports Parents Promise”. This campaign has been developed to support parents ensure that their children are safe in their chosen sport. This campaign also looks to increase positive parental involvement in youth sport and, by doing so, improve the experiences of young people accessing sport from across the UK. 

Involving parents in their children’s activities is such an important message. Many parents will play a full and active role in their children school life, attending school assemblies, supporting the school PTA and regularly attending parent’s evenings. We know from our ongoing engagement with school’s that teachers always state the importance of good parental engagement and the improvements in the outcomes for children following this positive behaviour 

However, in many instances this behaviour does not transfer to sport as many parents elect to simply “drop off” their children at their sporting activity whilst many go off to do shopping or other activities. In todays busy world we can appreciate parents’ dilemma’s in trying to fit everything into busy lives, however children crave their parent’s attention and what better way than to watch their children play sport and if possible actively participate as well! Children will respond positively to this positive behaviour from their parents. Another vital role that parents have is to ensure that the club their children attends is safe and also their responsibilities in being a positive influence in their children’s participation.  

In order to help parents the CPSU have developed a raft of information and support including the sports parents promise, the links on the website are interactive and by clicking on each link will bring you to more information to help their children be safe and enjoy their sport. 

1, I promise to make sure that the sport we choose is safe and fun 

2, I promise to listen to you if you have any concerns about your sport 

3, I promise to make sure that I always support you and your teammates in a positive way. 

The link to the promise can be found below 

The NWG are delighted to support the CPSU with their campaign and urge all parents to make the promise to their children and take a positive role in supporting their children in their chosen sport. 


Kevin Murphy 

Safegaurding in Sport Lead 

NWG Exploitation Response Unit