Parents as Partners in Exploitation Safeguarding. (PIES) National Advisory Group-May 2019

Parents as Partners in Exploitation Safeguarding. (PIES) National Advisory Group

Quarterly Meeting: 20 May 2019

It was great to contribute to a fantastic meeting facilitated by NWG and SPACE at Parliament attended by a range of multi-agency partners focusing on parents as partners in wider exploitation.  Thank you to all who attended as many had travelled far to be there recognising the importance of this work.  Also thank you to those who presented: PACE talking through their new report by families “The Cry of the Brave and Broken Hearted Parent” which was circulated,  the Centre of Expertise discussing the GM model and how that is working, NWG updating on benchmarking tool and practice documents and Barnardo’s providing an overview on their new ten areas of work nationally and their approach to working with parents.

There were excellent discussions throughout the day with clear agreement about what needs to change around our approach in working alongside families as safeguarding partners.  There also needs to be a level of relative urgency in moving the goals forward for County Lines exploitation due to the very real impending consequence for those affected of imprisonment, injury, or death from the serious violence involved.

It was good to hear consensus between all the presentations and feedback from delegates and there were clearly three areas for the group to take forward:

  • A conference -proposed and agreed for October to share the current learning from practice offering solutions of what works as well as listening to the voice of parents especially those affected by county lines.
  • Creating a National Sharing Practice Network to develop and implement working alongside parents as safeguarding partners approach.
  • Development of key messages which will support professionals with critical enquiry in the area. We will gather together feedback from previous meetings as well as current practice and send out before the next meeting for comment from the group.

There was also a suggestion for a small task and finish group online to work with NWG to revise the Parents as Safeguarding Partners Benchmarking Toolto include families and wider exploitation which can then be fed back to the wider group for comment.  Please contact Maria at maria@nwgnetwork.orgif this is something you would like to work with NWG on.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September in London for the next meeting. NWG/SPACE will send out minutes, planned agenda and date and time for the next meeting.

Have a good summer!