Online Exploitation – Professionals Support

Online safety concerns regarding the exploitation of children remain a high priority for parents and professionals alike. Our partners at CEOP and The Marie Collins Foundation report ongoing high demand for support and assistance in relation to children being exploited in the online world. 
At the NWG we are also inundated with calls to the CSE Response Unit for advice regarding cases that either involve online exploitation or the use of the internet and social media sites as part of the perpetrator’s grooming approach.
Whilst there is an increased professional awareness of online threats posed to children, it is less clear whether there is an increased sense of confidence in working directly with children, young people and families to reduce any risks they are exposed to online.
We would be grateful if you would take 3 or 4 minutes to respond to the following survey in regard of professional capacity to respond to the online exploitation of children. Responses to these questions will inform conversations between the NWG and our partners to ensure the support offered to professionals is appropriate and effective.