NWG Two NEW Emerging Practice Documents for Working Alongside Parents/Carers Affected by CSE and Wider Exploitation

NWG is pleased to announce the launch of their latest documents to support professionals working alongside parents/carers affected by CSE and Wider Exploitation. These have been developed with young people, parents and carers and professionals to look at what are some of the areas of challenge and what is working well across the country.

“Making Meetings Matter” was developed alongside families affected by CSE, practitioners and leaders in the field. After a six month period of consultation with young people and families; the importance of meetings and their effectiveness in reducing risk, how they are Chaired and scrutinised, was discussed as being key in order to protect children and their families. Families highlighted the need for meetings to be inclusive of families, questioning how key safeguarding meetings about their child’s exploitation took place without families when parents/carers are clearly protective. “I heard they were having meetings about our family and CSE, we kept asking to attend and they said it was for professionals. All the meetings were for professionals. They don’t know my family” – Parent. Both young people and families talked about the need for meetings to be accessible and for the voice of the child and the family to be heard and listened to. The ‘Making Meetings Matter’ document is a quick guide containing quotes from families and professionals and feedback of practice around the country where there have been some significant improvements and tightening of the safeguarding circle with families and professionals working together.

“Supporting Parents to Share Information” – this two-sided sheet was developed alongside families and with Kay Wallace our Police and Justice Lead and colleagues to help professionals recognise the huge role families can play in the information on CSE that they hold. The document enables those professionals to support families to share that information in the most practical and productive way to help tackle CSE.

The next emerging practice document will be around community engagement and wider exploitation so NWG are keen to hear from examples where communities are worked with as a key asset, strengthening resilience in safeguarding communities