NWG Exploitation Network – Update July 2019

Transferring skills, knowledge and expertise to reduce child and adolescent exploitation


Over the last 15 years the awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation in society and the ability of agencies to address CSE has grown substantially.

Operating over this period, NWG has become a recognised expert in the field and has played a key role in supporting agencies and individuals across the UK to substantially improve their response to CSE through the transfer of skills, knowledge and expertise.

Today, there is a growing recognition that exploitation exists in many areas and across different age ranges and as a result there are new agencies that need support and those currently supported also require new skills, knowledge and expertise.


Based on its unparalleled experience of exploitation issues, and its unique network of contacts across the UK, NWG will broaden its support to help agencies as they seek to reduce all forms of exploitation and the impact of exploitation.

NWG will enhance its established links with other agencies to help them address exploitation issues.

NWG will continue to listen to and consult with those involved – families, children, adolescence, professionals, academics and will use that insight to guide, shape and focus activities, so that those affected by exploitation are given appropriate support.

NWG will maintain and develop its ability to transfer skills, knowledge and expertise so that those requiring support can both easily access and embed the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to really make a difference.

NWG will maintain and develop its ability to influence and provide recommended approaches to key thinkers, decision makers, funders and activists in the field of exploitation.

NWG will ensure the current Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day incorporates wider exploitation by re-launching the day to ensure the wider exploitation of children is recognised within our campaign alongside child sexual exploitation.


More than 14,000 agencies and individuals are members of the NWG network finding benefit from our skills, knowledge and expertise.

Every year more than 1000 calls are received by our team of experts who respond and support the contact with dedicated help, advice, guidance and further resources and training as appropriate.

We have delivered more than 80 CPD certified courses across the country significantly improving the skills of those involved in responding to and preventing exploitation.

We calculate that we have supported more than 30,000 professionals working in the field of exploitation since 2016.

Our Vision

We have a real opportunity to make a difference to families and communities who are affected by exploitation.

We are committed to providing the effective transfer of skills, knowledge and expertise to agencies across the country seeking to reduce exploitation in all its forms.

Going Forward

Over the next few months we will be adjusting our website, including additional wider exploitation resources, campaign materials, expanding the criteria for our Exploitation Awareness Day (18th March) and Annual Conference to be held on 24th and 25th March 2020. We will provide seminars and forums in future that cover the wider remit and will be expanding our register of skills and knowledge to incorporate additional professional knowledge

Sheila Taylor CEO MBE

1st July 2019