NWG Exploitation Response Unit Consultancy

‘Solution focussed positive drivers for change’

At NWG Exploitation Response Unit we are in a unique position to offer a range of services and consultancy to organisations wishing to strengthen their strategic and operational delivery. Our range of skills is further advanced by the work carried out by the National Child  Exploitation Response Unit, who work at both levels across a wide range of issues.

Our consultation and facilitated events have allowed children and adults services to come together and reduce barriers to effective working, manage risk, enabled Children’s Homes to review their risks and develop their overall services, supported CEOs and strategic leads and utilised the wide range of skills from an experienced team enabling organisations and services to improve.

For more information ring 01332 585371 or email [email protected]

Facilitated events

We offer general facilitation and more specific strategic facilitation to meet your requirements and support your needs locally, see below.

Strategic facilitation – this is an opportunity for head of services and decision makers to address vision, culture and strategy


1.Facilitates open and constructive dialogue at strategic level

2.Provides independent scrutiny of cse strategy

3.Creates clear shared vision for tackling cse

Development day/Operational facilitation – this is an opportunity for operational practitioners from different professional sectors to learn from national practice and experience gathered by the Response Unit.

Following a series of short presentations on current CSE practice there will be facilitated group discussion focussing on an agreed local agenda.


1.Enhances multi-agency working

2. Improves knowledge around emerging good practice

3.Provides a secure environment to discuss current challenges and highlights areas for improvements

4.Strengthens local practitioner resilience

Using the NWG Exploitation Response Unit to facilitate an event enables local stakeholders to participate fully, and draw on their practice knowledge, (whilst enabling you to remain independent).

Our experienced team will support you in breaking down barriers and tackling challenges, whether it’s around a specific topic or finding a way forward for different services to work together.

For more information ring 01332 585371 or email [email protected]

e.g 16-18 Transition facilitation

This strategic facilitation is an opportunity for heads of children and adults’ services to come together to look at how to improve joined up working for this potentially vulnerable group of young people.

A half day will aid:

1 Independent and objective facilitation between adults and children’s services

2. Addresses a national recognised problem

3. Improved partnership working between children’s and adults services and a more strategic approach to transition arrangements