NHS England’s Strategic Direction for Sexual Assault Abuse Services is a welcome development

The NHS Launch of their strategic direction for 2018-2023 is a far reaching and progressive Strategy taking a holistic view of the needs of those subjected to sexual violation and the service responsibilities from commissioners through to front line practice. It was heartening to see good representation in the process by experts by experience and respected therapeutic providers. On a week when Germaine Greer throws her attention seeking missile into the arena in failing to identify the relationship between violation and violence when being dismissive of the impact of rape, this document offers sober clarification of the experiences of those assaulted and a pledge of life-long support. It supports the promotion of trauma informed practitioners. This is critical for first contact services as the response at that stage can be critical to the long- term access to appropriate support and the agency of the person coming forward.
The needs of all victims including women, men, LGBTQ and different cultural challenges are addressed. There is significant challenge in developing the workforce across agencies to provide appropriate trauma-informed engagement and intervention but this strategy document gives a clear pathway and monitoring structure. We look forward to engaging in its progress. The report can be accessed at NHS England Strategic direction for sexual assault and abuse services

Ray Mc Morrow