Network Administrator Blog

I am now 7 months into my role of Network Administrator here at the NWG.


Previously I worked for 13 years in a local project who support young people who are at risk of or are being sexually exploited. You could say therefore that I have a wealth of knowledge and experience around the issue. When I first started working in this area this form of child abuse was only just beginning to be recognised. Since then many positive changes have taken place.


I joined the organisation in February and immediately found myself immersed in supporting the organisation with the 2nd annual conference and our first National CSE Awareness Day. Both events were a great success and one of the highlights was to meet many people from all types of organisations in the u.k and further afield all working towards the same aim.


One of the positives I have experienced working with the network is recognising the exceptional work being carried out around the country by our members. I can now see a bigger picture.


Part of my role is to support the membership with many varied requests that we receive daily. Often we are their first port of call. Providing a timely, flexible, professional service, which meets the needs of our members is a priority for us.


Our team are highly committed professionals with a range of specialisms. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and develop the approach to CSE, to influence decision makers and share our knowledge and that of others with the network.


There are still many challenges ahead and much more still to be done. Virtually every day, there is shocking news in the media and sadly at that point it means that another child or young person has suffered trauma and abuse. The bravery of those young people to find the courage to speak out and ultimately begin another difficult journey is phenomenal.


People often say to me “how can you work with this issue, I don’t know how you do it?” The answer is very simple – every task I do (however small) contributes in some way to making a difference.


No day is ever the same. A sense of humour is a must and I can’t ever imagine doing anything else.


Natalie Grainger