Kirklees Review

The NWG CSE Response Unit was commissioned by Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board (KSCB) to carry out a review of the current partnership response to child sexual exploitation (CSE). The review was commissioned following an OFSTED inspection of children’s services, and subsequent monitoring visits that have illustrated an improving picture.

This review sits alongside a review of Historical cases and an overview of the current contextual safeguarding strategy. It is intended that all the work will report together to give the Board a fuller picture of assurance.

The main focus of this review was to examine the current policies, procedures and practices, with a view to improving the outcomes and responses for children who had been or were at risk of CSE.

Throughout the CSE Response Unit’s time in Kirklees the reviewing team spoke with a passionate workforce and observed a determination to tackle CSE and other forms of exploitation. The report identified 14 areas for consideration, many of which are challenges which are not unique to Kirklees, representing issues which are national areas for development.

The CSE Response Unit was encouraged to hear about the positive steps already taken by Kirklees in regard of the development of a response to wider forms of exploitation and a trauma-informed approach as well as the move to adopt a contextual approach to safeguarding.

As with all the independent reviews the NWG is commissioned to carry out we were pleased to spend time with frontline staff to understand how local strategy is operationalised and remain available for further support in addressing identified areas for development. A copy of the report can be found at

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Source:BBC News