Journalist Request (please contact journalist direct)

I’m a journalist from VICE News, an international news organisation with millions of weekly readers, which has won everything from Emmys to the awards at the British Press Awards to the Peabody award for public service in journalism. With regards to myself, I’m an award winning journalist (WIE Network Award; Scott Trust Bursary award and others), normally based at the Guardian, who writes on inequality and has experience writing about sensitive issues like sexual abuse.

I’m working on a story about child sexual exploitation parties, where young people are plied with drugs and alcohol and then coerced into performing sexual acts; and the growth of online shaming websites that post content from these parties to further coerce and control young people (sometimes called “bait out” pages).

I’m looking to speak to case studies, child protection workers or case workers, or anyone else involved in combatting this type of CSE, about how it happens, what work is being done to prevent it, and what needs to happen to crack down on it.

It’s a really important issue for VICE, and we are dedicated to showcasing the good work that everyone from small charitable organisations, to case workers, to government organisations are doing. Case studies will also obviously be vital, but I am aware that this is a sensitive topic, so I would be grateful to know from your end how we might make that work. From my side of things, I of course would be happy to speak to anyone with experience of CSE, not just those who have experienced this particular type of exploitation.

Poppy Noor    Freelance journalist