What are the benefits of joining our network?

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There are three ways to join the network; as a Gold member, as an additional member to an existing membership or as a Silver member.

Gold Membership

Gold membership is a subscription to the network in the form of an annual fee.

The gold account is split into four types;

  • an individual gold account (£25 per annum),
  • a school (£30 per annum),
  • a project/unit/team account (£50.00 per annum)
  •  a whole Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)/force/organisation account (£500.00 per annum).


Sign up for all types of Gold Membership.


A project/unit/team account allows you to have up to 25 additional named members under the account all from the same project/unit/team.

A school account allows you to have up to 50 additional named members under the account all from the same school.

A whole LSCB/force/organisation account allows unlimited additional members with the proviso that they are all colleagues working for/ as partners of the main organisation.

All additional members have gold member status, will have individual passwords and benefit from the membership.

Silver and Gold members are able to access our special interest forums, as we are a charity we only ask for a donation of just £10.00 (plus booking fee) towards the cost of running the event.

Our special interest forums offer an opportunity for practitioners to discuss and debate issues relating to the sensitive nature of Child Exploitation (CE), to network, share good practice, discuss challenges and seek solutions. Open discussions take place in a secure and confidential environment. Our Police forum is a closed event and only open to police.

Special Interest Forums include; Boys & Young Men, CSE Coordinators & Practitioners, Police, Health, Policy, Therapeutic Help and Marginalised CSE.

Our regular specialist seminars present an excellent learning opportunity to hear specialists in the field of Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking in a small group setting, which is conducive to learning and discussion.  All members are able to access our specialist seminars; Gold members receive up to 50% discount on the cost of seminars.

We are able to offer and deliver commissioned and bespoke training – in-depth events offer an exploration of health, law enforcement, safeguarding and youth & parent participation in the context of Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking. Please contact us for more details.

Our Specialist Team are able to offer the following to gold members:

  • Project or Service Evaluation
  • Case, Service and Investigation Reviews
  • Supervision
  • Policy and procedure reviews,
  • Case and Investigation reviews,
  • Security review of children’s homes from the unique perspective of CSE
  • Serious Case Reviews (SCR)
  • Youth Participation Support
  • Inquiries

Gold members can access our member’s resources section which is regularly updated and holds in access of 1,200 CSE/CE and Human Trafficking related resources including policies and protocols, examples of effective practice and links to other useful resources as well as the following NWG Toolkits:

Our public resource section holds a range of community-focused resources, research documents and reports including:

Say Something if you See Something (SSSS) is the community awareness programme. A resource which includes sample letters, posters, leaflets, documents and training aimed at the hotel and licensing trade. Two hotel chains and many Local Authorities/ forces have adopted the SSSS campaign

 The Say Something campaign has been developed with young people and aims to safeguard vulnerable children and young people by empowering them to identify early indicators of child sexual exploitation (CSE). Say Something will also offer a free, 24-hour, anonymous phone and SMS helpline, 116 000, enabling young people to disclose information and see support.

Our website and newsletters offer news, blogs, national events and a national service directory, all of which the network can contribute to.

Our weekly member’s surgery is popular and offers the chance for an appointment to be made for 1-2 hours and have a 1:1, Skype/Face time/Conference Telephone consultation with the whole team together this has proved extremely helpful to our network.

Silver Membership

A silver membership keeps you up-to-date with the news from around the network including consultations, new resources and research, upcoming seminars and training dates, conference news and other news relevant to the work being done around the abuse of children through exploitation and trafficking.

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