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Inquiry into Historical Institutional Abuse in Northern Ireland

The Inquiry has now formally come to an end. However, in order that those interested in the detail of the work have as much information available as possible in the future all those documents considered relevant and which do not contain private information, or information which need not be published, has been placed on the Historical Institutional Abuse website and the process of transferring custody of the Inquiry Record in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland has begun.

By following the various links on the website (https://www.hiainquiry.org/historical-institutional-abuse-inquiry-report-chapters) you will be able to see the transcripts of the public hearings, with the exception of some days of closed hearings which remain closed lest they prejudice criminal proceedings, the full Inquiry Report, and the documents referred to in the Report, together with the documents referred to in each of the public hearings.