Hull Supporting And Safeguarding During The Covid 19 Response

In Hull we have acted promptly in ensuring that we offer a continued service during the COVID 19 restrictions:

·       We continue to receive timely notifications from the police of children reported missing and those that have been found. Daily Tasking meetings are being held virtually with emails and phone calls with the police and partners. Partners are sharing information to assist the police in locating the missing child.

·       Social workers and Team Managers are alerted via email/phone call of a child reported missing in order to assist with information gathering and risk assessing

·       Return Home Interviews are still being offered within 72 hours, the interviews are being completed via telephone with a follow up letter and information about additional support available. Safeguarding continues to be paramount and concerns raised during RHIs are still dealt with in accordance with safeguarding policies.

·       CP conferences and reviews are continuing with the presence of the IRO and SW and dial in from partner agencies

·       Pre-MACE and MACE meetings continue to take place with presence of the VEMT team and police . Partners are invited to submit information beforehand and to dial in for consultation.

·       The Monthly Multi-Agency Missing meeting is continuing with attendance solely by the police, VEMT rep, children’s home rep, a rep from the locality Teams and Youth Justice. All other partners are invited to submit information in advance and to dial in for consultation .

·       Social workers are continuing to visit vulnerable families and adhering to Government advice in relation to contact. Families have been RAG rated according to risk and needs.

·       The VEMT team are continuing to offer consultations to Social workers and other professionals via the VEMT clinic, this is being done via telephone. Advice and guidance is provided in respect of exploitation, completion of the Risk Indicator Tool and sharing of available resources.

·       Frontline staff have been provided with SMART workphones and access to a Watsapp group which enables effective communication between teams

·       Key services are operating on a duty system with staff available at the office to answer call and queries.