Home Truths

Home Truths

Go-live date: Wednesday 21 April

Audience: Parents or carers of 11-13+ year old girls


We’ve launched Home Truths – a campaign to help prevent the creation of self-generated child sexual imagery online.


Our aims are:

  • For girlsto have an increased awareness of how to respond safely to requests online for self-generated child sexual abuse material – please see the other attachment for the girls’ supporter pack.


  • For parents/carers to have an increased awareness of self-generated child sexual abuse online and feel motivated and equipped to protect their children;


  • Our overall impactis to build resilience to the threat of self-generated child sexual abuse online.​



Since the start of the pandemic, the amount of ‘self-generated’ child sexual abuse imagery has increased dramatically. Our data, which is also released today in our annual report shows https://annualreport2020.iwf.org.uk/ :


  • More and more sexual abuse material is created by offenders who coerce and groom children into sexual activities, often in children’s own bedrooms and bathrooms. They then record this via webcams or live streaming services.


  • In 2020, we dealt with 68,000 cases of such imagery, a rise of 77% on the year before. It accounts for nearly half (44%) of the imagery that we took action on last year.


  • In 80% of these cases, the victims were just 11 to 13–years old.


We need your help to spread the word and raise awareness. Would you be able to amplify our messages through your channels?


Please use these suggested posts for your relevant audiences.



  1. Video: https://zincwire.egnyte.com/fl/TfkqpKusd8

Password: Rhu5WpKe67

“Any child who uses an internet-connected device could be at risk. Talk to your child, agree on digital ground rules and take an interest in their online lives. Visit talk.iwf.org.uk for guidance. @IWFHotline”

  1. Image: https://zincwire.egnyte.com/fl/gn1tVSu3LW

Password: SVPsdHLR7G


“Child sexual abusers are grooming and manipulating children to obtain sexually explicit images and videos. Use the TALK checklist at talk.iwf.org.uk for guidance. @IWFHotline”



Alternatively, you could help by amplifying messages directly from our social channels:



We hope we can count on your support to help tackle this grave issue. Please do get in touch with us if you have further questions or thoughts.