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16 – 18 Transitions to Adulthood – Derby

By nwg at East Midlands

Delivered by Steve Baguley, the NWG Exploitation Network Education and Community Lead.

Transition from Children’s to Adult Services has been highlighted as a national issue, with a ‘cliff -edge’ of support as vulnerable children turn 18. This training course has drawn on the knowledge and practice experience of Steve Baguley, the Education & Community Lead for the National Child Sexual Exploitation Response Unit. Steve has spent 12 months engaging with services across the country looking at approaches to transition planning and exploring the critical challenges facing practitioners who work with children approaching adulthood

This training course aims to embed in practice some of the findings of the NWG’s report into transitional support for CSE victims and complement our transition benchmarking tool which
is designed to ensure an improved strategic response to the issue. Delegates will develop approaches to working with older children in preparation for transition and be provided with insight into adolescent brain development to better inform their practice. The training will support understanding and the implementation of relevant legislation and practice guidance surrounding transition. Delegates will be provided with guidance on planning for transition and bridging the gap between Adult and Children’s Services, as well as working with CSE victims into adulthood.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to;

–       Recognise ways in which young people may be perceived and how this can impact on services they receive.

–       Consider challenges we may face when transitioning young people from children to adult services and how we might apply learning to counteract them.

–       Explain what research tells us about this cohort of young people.

–       Compare and discuss ways in which practitioners assess and understand consent and the relevance of this issue to young people above the age of 16.

–       Identify and apply appropriate CSE disruption strategies for young people.

–       Recognise the importance of family support for young people of this age.

–       Demonstrate the use of The Care Act 2014 and Mental Capacity Act 2005 and their appropriateness for young people age 16 and above.

–       Explain the impact of trauma on brain development and ways in which young people respond to trauma and manage emotions.

–       Reflect on examples of developing practice and give consideration to how we might develop our own practice.

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Working Alongside Families: Experts by Experience – Derby

By nwg at East Midlands

This training course has been developed using the voices and experiences of affected families, to aid the evolution of the workforce in supporting families who are experts by experience of child sexual exploitation (CSE).The course has been produced with the support of members of affected families who want to assist practitioners in considering and reflecting on their own, and organisational practices. They share their experiences of services, the court process, the impact of CSE on them as parents as well as on their child and wider family. Delegates will be encouraged to consider different models of practice and how we work alongside families.

Training will compliment the NWG Parental Support Benchmarking Tool which has been designed to support agencies to examine their current offer to parents affected by child sexual exploitation and to think about the next steps to improve engagement with parents as a safeguarding partner.

Further information on this training course can be found by following this link



09:00 – 09:30 Registration, Tea & Coffee

Morning Session & Coffee Break

Experiences of working alongside each other

Building partnerships

Different models of practice

Afternoon Session & Coffee Break

Evidence, intelligence and working alongside the police

Living through the judicial system

The impact of CSE and trauma

15:50 – 16:00 Evaluation & Certification

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Combatting Child Sexual Exploitation in Sport – Derby

By nwg at East Midlands

This NWG CPD accredited course has been developed in collaboration with Edge Hill University’s Dr Mike Hartill to provide a greater comprehension around the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation within sport. The course provides attendees with the historical context and prevalence of child sexual exploitation in sport within the UK and beyond. The course looks towards developments in policy that have been put into place to safeguard children in sporting environments and how these may impact on our practice as individuals and as organisations. During the training day learning is enriched through the use of the voices of survivors of CSE in Sport.

The training is delivered by NWG’s Safeguarding in Sport Lead, Kevin Murphy who has a sound understanding of how young people need to be protected when engaging in community activities and has been involved in the International VOICE’s for Truth and Dignity project. This project involves 7 countries researching the experiences of those abused through sport and bringing that knowledge and those voices into his role.

This course is aimed at anyone working within sport who wants to broaden their understanding of abuse in sport along with multi-agency practitioners who work alongside children, young people and their families who wish to extend their understanding and practice in the field of sport.

For more information on this training course please follow this link; https://www.nwgnetwork.org/training/combating-child-sexual-exploitation-in-sport/


09:00 – 09:30 Registration, Tea & Coffee

The NWG Process of CSE and perpetrator modus operandi

The history of CSE and abuse in sport and the perpetrators

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee

Prevalence of abuse and exploitation in sport

Case study

13:15 – 13:45 Lunch

The impact of abuse and exploitation

Developments in policy

14:30 – 14:45 Coffee

Examples of good practice in safeguarding in sport

Next steps

15:50 – 16:00 Evaluation & Certification

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Understanding Trauma Foundation Level – Derby

By nwg at East Midlands

This training is CPD Accredited

The aim of this foundation course is for practitioners to gain an understanding of trauma and the impact it has on the lives of children and young people. The course will take delegates through a journey on how the brain develops during childhood and the importance of understanding this process for our working practice. There will be a focus on how trauma manifests and the ways in which we cope with trauma. In gaining a more in depth understanding of trauma and the impact it has on the lives of children and young people, practitioners will better equipped to offer effective support.

This foundation course is aimed at multi agency practitioners from a variety of sectors and roles who are involved in supporting children, young people and their families in the field of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The course facilitator will be the NWG Trainer, Sarah Brown.

Since gaining a degree in Youth Studies from Nottingham Trent University Sarah has worked within a variety of backgrounds supporting vulnerable young people and their families, including the role of a Pastoral Manager in a secondary school and as a Family Resource Worker.

After volunteering as a counsellor for several years at ChildLine, Sarah was employed as a supervisor.

It was at ChildLine she developed her child centred, trauma informed approach to working alongside young people. She worked to increase the skills, knowledge and empathy of volunteers in areas such as bullying, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, self-harm and suicide to ensure young people received the best possible support available. Sarah’s time at Childline also involved managing and assessing both safeguarding issues and immediate life threatening situations presented by young people within the counselling room.

Sarah is passionate about the way in which we support young people and the need for services and practitioners to recognise and understand how trauma impacts on young people and how we can offer more effective support based on an increased level of understanding.

For more information on this training course please see the following page on our website; https://www.nwgnetwork.org/training/understanding-trauma/

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Leading Edge Child Sexual Exploitation Advanced Training – Derby

By nwg at East Midlands

The CPD accredited Advanced Course is designed to encourage the reflective practice of delegates through engaging discussions, sharing of experiences and through the use of a case study. The course aims to develop knowledge and awareness of the complexities of CSE for young people and their families with particular attention given to enhancing the practical skills necessary to be able to offer support effectively.

There is an expectation that practitioners attending will have an existing knowledge of CSE and completed the NWG Foundation Course or similar.

Learning Outcomes

– Identify and apply to practice the skills needed to ensure the rights of the child underpin the work we do.

– Recognise and describe how sexualised images and material can impact the lives of young people today.

– Recognise when victim blaming occurs and have confidence in our practice to challenge this discrimination.

– Demonstrate good practice when arranging and facilitating meetings involving young people and their parents or carers.

– Explain what self-blame is and how this affects young people and their emotional wellbeing.

– Define trauma and describe how it might manifest.

– Recognise ways in which we can develop our practice through the consideration of different models of working with trauma.

– Delegates will use a case study along with their knowledge and practice to analyse and question the case study in order to make an assessment and to plan how they might intervene and disrupt child sexual exploitation.

On completion of this course participants will receive a CPD certificate and the NWG Advanced Course electronic badge that can be displayed on their email signature.


9:00 – 9:30: Registration, Tea & Coffee

– Effective engagement with young people

– Youth produced sexual imagery

11:15 – 11:30: Coffee

– Practical support for young people and families

– Victim Blaming

12:45 – 13:15: Lunch (provided)

– Information and Assessment

14:30 – 14:45: Coffee

– Trauma and supporting young people

– Trauma and the worker

15:50 – 16:00: Evaluation and Certification

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National Child Exploitation Awareness Day 2020 #CEADay20

By nwg at National


National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

The National Child  Exploitation Awareness Day aims to highlight the issues surrounding Child Exploitation; encouraging everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuseand adopt a zero tolerance to adults developing inappropriate relationships with children or children developing inappropriate relationships with other children.

This is a National Awareness Raising day which gives Local Authorities, Organisations, Projects, Schools and individuals and opportunity to focus on the issues of child exploitation (including sexual exploitation) and raise awareness of the signs, symptoms and what to do if concerns are raised.

Please keep visiting www.stop-cse.org for ‘new for 2020’ resources

NWG Annual Enhanced Programme of Learning and Development Conference 2020

By nwg at East Midlands

Tuesday 24th March – Wednesday 25nd March 2020 at East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham

Booking, submission forms and details at: https://www.kc-jones.co.uk/nwg2020

The NWG Annual Enhanced Programme of Learning and Development is an opportunity for professional and personal development, exploring cutting edge techniques and new learning to prevent and safeguard children, young people and young adults at risk or engaged in exploitation, including sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation, human trafficking and modern slavery.

Our 2020 event will cover the following themes:

Families & Communities
Families and communities are a vital piece of the jigsaw of effective safeguarding. Historically families felt excluded from processes intended to protect their children and, in some cases, blamed in part for their exploitation. These workshops provide an opportunity to consider better approaches to working in partnership with families and communities, empowering them to safeguard their children.

Prevention & Disruption
Approaches to tackling child exploitation have seen an increased awareness of the value of preventative and disruptive tactics aimed at addressing issues before a child becomes a victim of abuse. Nationally recognised as a critical part of the response to child exploitation by The Home Office, prevention and disruption tactics draw on a range of multi-agency interventions. These workshops provide the opportunity to discuss issues, share best practice & develop new approaches.

Sport & Activities
Sport & leisure activities provide a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of children & young people. These activities should be accessible, safe from the risk of abuse and exploitation. The high-profile abuse cases involving football clubs and the increased referrals to Operation Hydrant in 2017 demonstrated the need for increased safeguarding awareness in sport, particularly at grassroots level. These workshops will showcase how safeguarding partners and national governing bodies can support those offering access to sport and leisure for thousands of children and young people.

Education & Adolescence
Children and young people affected by exploitation report a ‘cliff-edge’ of support when they reach adulthood, despite ongoing support needs as a result of their adverse childhood experiences. A ‘hidden transition’ also takes place as children turn 16, with legislation and attitudes often contributing to less support being offered to older children. These workshops draw on emerging practice in response to a national challenge for professionals.

Booking, submission forms and details at: https://www.kc-jones.co.uk/nwg2020

Call for submissions

Submissions are now being invited for our Special Interest Groups. If you are interested in delivering a Special Interest Group please complete the submissions form and return this to network@nwgnetwork.org  .

The deadline for submissions is 10:00 on Monday 14th October 2019

Unsung Hero Awards

We will be taking nominations for the Unsung Hero Awards shortly. Further information will be added here in due course.

Delegate fees can be found on the booking form. If you have any queries, please contact us via the event hotline on 01332 227778

Submission Forms & Booking details at https://www.kc-jones.co.uk/nwg2020


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National Missing Person Conference (Sponsored by COMPACT)

By other at London, Yorkshire and Humber

Following the success of our last  conference in January at Old Trafford, Manchester where over 370 delegates from 40 UK Police Forces attended I am pleased to announce our next conference will be on Wednesday 29th January 2020  0930hrs – 1630hrs at Hull City Hall, Hull, HU1 3RQ.

We are intitally limiting seats to 4 delegates per Force.

As ever the event is FREE and all Forces are invited to attend whether they use the COMPACT Missing Person IT system or not.

Our aim is, as always,to share good practice, learning and developments with everyone working in this critcial safeguarding area .Again we are arranging some excellent speakers around the theme this time of

Missing Persons and Vulnerability”.

ACC Catherine Hankinson, West Yorkshire Police (NPCC lead for Missing Persons),The UK Missing Persons Unit and the charity are our current  confirmed speakers.

Seats can be reserved by emailing philip.shakesheff@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

Theme: Missing and Vulnerability

09:00              Coffee and arrival.

09:30              Opening: Humberside Police.

09:45             Chris Rollings, Conference Chair

10.00             Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson, West Yorkshire
Police National Police Lead on Missing.

10:20             Ann Coffey MP – Missing Adults who are at risk

10:40              Joe Apps, NCA National Missing Persons Unit.

11:00              Coffee

12:00              WPC Software – COMPACT latest upgrade.
12:20             Ian Haddick, Durham Constabulary – The Philomena protocol

12:40             Chief Insp Alan Rhees- Cooper, West Yorkshire Police – Levels of Intervention.

13:00              Buffet

14:00              Dave Barke -NLEDS – National Missing Person Register

14:20            Nick Barnett, Caldecott Foundation – Achieving excellence
in Childrens Residential care homes

14:40            Ann Coffey MP – Unregulated Childrens Care Homes

15:00           The Charity Missing People

15:20           Rachel Jackman, National Insight Team, Devon & Cornwall Police
Modern Day Slavery -The exploitation of Missing Children.

15:40           Paul Connop, National Crime Agency  National Referral Mechanism

16:00           John Mulhall, International Crime Co ordination Centre International Missing Person Enquiries    .
16:20           Slide Questions and Answers

16:40           Chris Rollings- Conclusion.

16.50            Ends




Phil Shakesheff

Secretary to the Group of 22 COMPACT Forces.