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Member Surgery

By nwg at East Midlands

The members surgery offers an opportunity for in-depth discussion around any CSE & Human Trafficking issues/concerns/cases/challenges that you may be facing.

Appointments to be made to meet with the CSE Response Unit team for 1-2 hours for a 1:1/Skype/FaceTime/Conference Telephone consultation with the Specialist Team – this has proved extremely helpful to our network.

Contact network@nwgnetwork.org to book a slot

** FULL** Safeguarding Missing Children Through Return Home Interviews – London

By nwg at London

Interest in the event has been extremely popular and it is now FULL

We are delighted to announce details of a conference arranged and hosted by NWG Exploitation Network on behalf of the ECRC. This free to attend conference will launch brand new research and good practice examples in relation to missing responses and return home interviews.

Agenda (TBC)

10:00 -10:10 Welcome

10:10 -10:35 The FoI research (ECRC)

10:35 -11:00 Local and National Reviews (NWG)

11:00 -11:25 Break

11:50 -12:30 A Safer Return and The First Step (Missing People and The Children’s Society)

12:30 -13:00 Panel and questions (Young person, NWG Exploitation Network, The Children’s Society, Missing People, Department for Education)

13:00 -13:45 Lunch (Provided)

13:45 -14:20 Inspections and what good practice should look like (Ofsted) – (tbc)

14:20 -14:50 Workshop session 1 – practice examples (TBC)

14:50 – 15:10 Break

15:10 -15:50  Workshops session 2 – practice examples (TBC)

15:50 -16:00 Close

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Unveiling Sexual Exploitation – Zoe Lodrick – Somerset

By nwg at South West

Back by popular demand! Please book on early as this is due to be filled quickly!

Zoe is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and an experienced Trainer and Consultant. She has over 22 years experience of providing psychotherapy to women and men who have experienced rape, sexual assault and/or childhood sexual abuse; and providing training and consultation to professionals who work with victims/survivors of sexualised traumas (whether therapeutically or within the criminal justice system).

Zoe is generally recognised as having specialist knowledge/expertise in sexualised trauma, domestic abuse, victim behaviour, sex offending and the interviewing of victims of sexual crimes. Additionally Zoe has considerable knowledge regarding the therapeutic needs of victims/survivors of rape, sexual assault, child sexual exploitation/abuse and domestic abuse.

Throughout the day the seminar will cover;

The psychology of the offender:

  • the process that precedes offending (Finklehor’s ‘Preconditions Model’)
  • the ‘socially skilled’ sex offender
  • how and why they target certain victims
  • what the psychology of the offender does to the psychology of the victim
  • the distorted thinking of sex offenders as reflected in society
  • the importance of understanding sex offenders in order to safeguard people from them, recognise them, interview and prosecute them

The neurobiology of threat:

  • the adolescent brain
  • the specific vulnerabilities of children and, especially, teenagers to sex offenders
  • why people do not usually react in ‘logical’ or ‘active’ ways when faced with intimate interpersonal threat
  • the impact of the lack of understanding of why the person did not behave ‘logically and actively’, on the individual him or herself (resulting in guilt, shame and feelings of responsibility and, ultimately, potential omissions and alterations in their account), on the investigative and protection process and on criminal justice
  • how and why people become vulnerable to repeated victimisation
  • how and why victims can become ensnared with the abuser (perhaps not recognising themselves to be victims)

Attachment theory:

  • basic concepts will be used to explain the traumatic bonding often observed in victims of intimate interpersonal violence/abuse
  • recognising the vulnerabilities that some people have to being targeted and intimately abused/exploited
  • understanding what is required from the professional to support people to either not become ensnared in an abusive relationship/environment or to disentangle from such


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Exploring the Practical Challenges of Working with Victims of CSE: Level 3 (Basis Training & Education)

By other at North Yorkshire

This is our most popular course over the last 2 years!

Our team of frontline specialist Child Sexual Exploitation practitioners have developed this course to share their experience, tools and techniques developed over years of working with victims of Child Sexual Exploitation, as well as resources they find particularly effective.

It is specifically aimed at professionals that are currently working with young people at risk of CSE or experiencing CSE, and who wish to build upon this, through discussing how to address specific practical challenges when working with young people at risk of CSE. Professionals attending this course should have attended a Level 2 or have equivalent (significant) practical experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Working with those identified at high risk or experiencing CSE
  • Working with resistant young people
  • Working with Roma, BME groups and learning disabilities
  • Dealing with disclosures effectively
  • Understanding perpetrators
  • Develop a better understanding of working with young people who have additional needs
  • Implementing problem solving techniques
  • Tips and feedback to workers from young people

The course is CPD accredited.

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Working Alongside Families: Experts by Experience – Derby

By nwg at East Midlands

This training course has been developed using the voices and experiences of affected families, to aid the evolution of the workforce in supporting families who are experts by experience of child sexual exploitation (CSE).The course has been produced with the support of members of affected families who want to assist practitioners in considering and reflecting on their own, and organisational practices. They share their experiences of services, the court process, the impact of CSE on them as parents as well as on their child and wider family. Delegates will be encouraged to consider different models of practice and how we work alongside families.

Training will compliment the NWG Parental Support Benchmarking Tool which has been designed to support agencies to examine their current offer to parents affected by child sexual exploitation and to think about the next steps to improve engagement with parents as a safeguarding partner.

Further information on this training course can be found by following this link



09:00 – 09:30 Registration, Tea & Coffee

Morning Session & Coffee Break

Experiences of working alongside each other

Building partnerships

Different models of practice

Afternoon Session & Coffee Break

Evidence, intelligence and working alongside the police

Living through the judicial system

The impact of CSE and trauma

15:50 – 16:00 Evaluation & Certification

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Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Conference

By other at London

Not an NWG event


Confirmed speakers include

  • Ian Dean, Director, Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse
  • Kenny Gibson, National Head of Safeguarding, NHS England
  • DCS Jason Gwillim, Easy Area BCU Commander, Lead Responsible Officer for CSE, Metropolitan Police Service
  • Clare Bushell, Child Protection Co-ordinator, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP), National Crime Agency (NCA)
  • Helen Leadbitter, Area Manager and National Young Carers Lead, The Children’s Society
  • Sarah Hegarty, Operational Manager, The Children’s Society
  • Gill Gibbons, CEO, Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (PACE)
  • Ewen Weir, Director of People, Newcastle City Council
  • Charlene Sykes, Service Manager, Children’s Social Work Services, IMAP (Integrated Multi Agency Partnership), Extended Hours and Child Exploitation, North Lincolnshire Council
  • Ann-Marie Brierly, Head of Safeguarding Children , North Lincolnshire Council 

    Child sexual exploitation is a crime with devastating and long lasting consequences for its victims and their families. Many children are unaware that they are being exploited, due to the tactics employed by perpetrators. Although it is estimated that the police only hear about 1 in 8 cases (NSPCC 2017), the number of global sexual abuse referrals has rocketed and for the first time, the National Crime Agency is engaging with children as young as four, in a bid to help protect them online.

    Westminster Insight’s national conference will explore the latest guidance and innovative best practice to prevent CSE, support victims and disrupt and prosecute perpetrators. Join with colleagues from local authorities, police, health and the voluntary and community sector to hear the latest national and local perspectives on how to successfully prevent and tackle child sexual exploitation in your community.


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Why Sports Conference 2019

By other at London

This is not an NWG event


Since early 2016 the Sporting Future and Towards an Active Nation strategies have served as a catalyst to increase activity across the UK. Both documents called for the sector to immediately re-evaluate its approach, commitment and direction, in order to reverse the alarming trend of inactivity which is strangling our nation.

Since their conception, the sector has started to transform, innovate and collaborate in new ways to meet the needs of our communities. This is not without challenge and is a continuous process, with lessons being learned and shared to improve the whole system.

Sport England initiatives to date have focused on a range of audiences including young people, people with disability, gender, age, and demonstrated that our nation can be supported and empowered to move more with different approaches, often working alongside them.

At the heart of this work is the 4th Annual ‘Why Sports Conference’, where we seek to pull all aspects of current policy delivery together for a thought provoking day of debate and collaboration. We examine what has worked and more importantly the lessons learned where things have and have not succeeded. This years conference will seek to include dedicated workshop sessions delivered by Sport England units looking at the 3 key investment themes where continuous learning is paramount.

Three years into this policy cycle there is much to reflect upon, to challenge and to share. Our annual conference will be supported by a detailed and interactive pre and post conference community.

The Why Sports Annual Conference takes place at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine, London on September 18th 2019 and will re-visit our collective progress against the ‘Sporting Future’ and ‘Towards an Active Nation’ strategies, along with providing dedicated workshop sessions on key Sport England objectives and insights.

The conference will respond to the overwhelming requests for a primary focus on outcomes and action. The day will seek to highlight new and innovative evidence based ideas that are both transferable and applicable to you as delegates and the communities that you represent.

Our speakers have asked that they be given the opportunity to positively disrupt the sector. A platform that will allow them to present successes and failures, whilst underlining the necessity to continue to collaborate and devise new business relationships.

The time for action is now! This is a must attend event in the conference calendar, with high quality engaging speakers delivering a very real picture on progress and challenging us all to push further. Be part of the future, ahead of the curve and set yourself up to succeed! Book now to activate your Spring discounted rates.


NWG member? Use discount code NWG40JULY for 40% off!


Please book through the ‘Why Sports’ website via the booking link below.

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#WorkingBetterTogether19 Conference

By other at west yorkshire

This is not an NWG event


#WorkingBetterTogether19 will be comprehensive day of learning through key note speakers and workshops, sharing cutting edge research and innovative practice developments on addressing sexual and criminal exploitation of young people from across the country.

We aim to feature victims’ voices and perspectives throughout, and including an understanding of perpetrators of such exploitation and the wider context of responses to sexual abuse.

It will be an excellent opportunity to network and create further opportunities for partnership work.

Confirmed speakers include:

Ann Coffey MP

Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway & Missing Children & Adults

Evan Jones

Head of Child Criminal Exploitation Development at the St. Giles Trust

Phil Ashford

Manager of the CSE Response Unit at the NWG Network

Dr. Pam Jarvis

Leeds Trinity University Institute of Childhood and Education

Shannon Little & Mariel Kirton

Victim Support Young Person’s ISVA Team

Chris Tuck

The Truth Project

Bob Balfour

CEO of the Survivor’s West Yorkshire Project

Emma Stephens


..& many more TBA

Your £75 ticket will include:- Buffet lunch, refreshments throughout & delegate packs

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County Lines Conference: The National Picture and Best Practice

By other at West Midlands

“I was afraid to speak out because of what they would do to me, but you helped me to see that I could escape and get support” Annie, 15


Missing People will be hosting County Lines Conference: The National Picture and Best Practice on Thursday 19th September 2019 from 09:45 – 13:30 in Birmingham.


Numbers of children being criminally exploited are rising and the police, social workers, those in the criminal justice system and the voluntary sector are seeing increasing demand for their support and expertise to help tackle this.

This conference will share best practice from work being done nationally and locally to tackle county lines and findings from organisations working with victims of child criminal exploitation.

Young people recruited by gangs are often forced to go missing and are at risk of violence and other abuse. Their families face the trauma involved in a disappearance and fear for their loved one’s life.

Delegates will hear:

  • A mother’s story and lived experience of county lines
  • National County Lines Coordination Centre outlining the national approach to tackling county lines
  • Research findings of Families’ experiences of child criminal exploitation by Missing People


Refreshments will be provided in the break and there will also be an opportunity to network and learn from representatives from a variety of professional backgrounds.


For further information about the event, please contact partners@missingpeople.org.uk or call 0208 392 4525

Member Surgery

By nwg at East Midlands

The members surgery offers an opportunity for in-depth discussion around any CSE & Human Trafficking issues/concerns/cases/challenges that you may be facing.

Appointments to be made to meet with the CSE Response Unit team for 1-2 hours for a 1:1/Skype/FaceTime/Conference Telephone consultation with the Specialist Team – this has proved extremely helpful to our network.

Contact network@nwgnetwork.org to book a slot