Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy


This policy is applicable to all staff, volunteers and trustees. It will be reviewed as per the schedule of policy review dates and is published on the website for all to see.


Policy Statement

NWG Network recognises that society is socially diverse. We acknowledge that many people within our society experience discrimination and lack of opportunity. Discrimination and disadvantage is based on irrelevant factors such as background, disability, gender, race, religion, age or sexual orientation.


NWG will strive to create an environment free from discrimination, prejudice and harassment, in which all individuals have access to NWG services and equality of opportunity in the NWG as a work place, and in which they are treated with respect and fairness.


The objective of this policy is to set out the intention to challenge discrimination and disadvantage where it may present itself, and to work towards its elimination in its own policies and practice.


Definition of Discrimination

The definition of discrimination is the act of prejudice against a person or organisation because of irrelevant factors such as gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion. This can be overtly direct discrimination i.e. treating one group less favourably than another based on the irrelevant factor listed above, or it could be indirect. This is where the effect of certain requirements, conditions or practices imposed, prevent access or equality of opportunity to a particular group or individual.


Acting on Discriminatory Behaviour or Practices

The NWG is committed to the implementation of this policy. The overall responsibility lies with Sheila Taylor CEO, however all staff, volunteers and Trustees are required to comply with the policy and to act in accordance with its objectives to remove any barriers to access.


Services provided by NWG will be reviewed and monitored at regular intervals to ensure equality of access. We will seek to understand the needs of other groups and where practical develop services to broaden our remit. If we come to believe we are acting in a discriminatory way, changes will be made.


The NWG reserves the right to refuse to provide services to individuals or engage with organisations that behave in a discriminatory or oppressive way.


Any behavior, practice or attitude of staff, volunteer or Trustee, or service user, which is in conflict with our aims, will be challenged. Incidents of discrimination will be investigated thoroughly and the Trustees will decide on any necessary action.


Staffing and Recruitment

Staff and Volunteers will be recruited from as wide a base as possible to reflect the diverse nature of our society. We recognize the value of having a mixed workforce and volunteer group and will seek to address this in our recruitment and methods or working, but we retain the ethos of recruiting the right member regardless of irrelevant factors.


Reasonable adjustments will be considered to enable the recruitment of members of staff, volunteers and Trustees to enable equality of opportunity.


If required, further information and advice will be sought from www.acas.org.uk or www.gov.uk