Differentiated RSE – Who needs it?

27 NOVEMBER 2020

SEND inclusive RSE in mainstream settings

This 2 hour webinar focuses on creating a SEND inclusive RSE curriculum in mainstream settings.

Facilitated by RSE Specialist and teacher Rachael Baker, participants will:

  • Consider the differing needs of learners with SEND in mainstream settings to develop an inclusive programme of study.
  • Examine issues such as appropriate resources, different starting points and variable learning needs, guiding you towards creating a robust and sensitive model.
  • Explore practical considerations such as how teaching assistant (TA) support may be deployed, considerations regarding resources, timetabling and learning environment, as well as ways to use targeted intervention and small group work.

£49.99 – £59.99


Personalised learning and the EHC plan

2 December

Participants will:

– Examine ways to use the Education Health Care (EHC) plan and dialogue with parents to inform and personalise the RSE curriculum for learners with additional needs.

– Look at ways that the EHC plan can underpin discussion with parents about their child’s needs in RSE and bolster parental support for the subject.

– This session also includes ways to use the EHC meeting to carry out individual consultation with learners about their RSE needs, and identify needs for targeted intervention or extension of learning..

£34.99 – £39.99

Touch and Consent for learners with PMLD / CLDD

3 December

Participants will:

– Consider the learning outcome in the RSE guidance and examine how these can be differentiated to make a meaningful and appropriate for learners with PMLD / CLDD.

– Discuss ways to break down the curriculum to identify the key messages and explore ways to differentiate upwards to cater for different individuals’ learning needs and capabilities.

– Share experience of engaging parents with your curriculum

£49.99 – £59.99