Day 2 NWG Annual Conference 2017

Day 2 of the NWG Annual Conference saw us up early to breakfast, hats off to all those who partied til late but still made it to breakfast and the first session!

We took the opportunity to invite Phil Ashford to the stage and inform delegates about the work of the Response Unit and what it offers, Phil  has been the perfect choice for the role and I am very proud he has joined our team. Phil spoke about our new colleagues – Kev, Maria and Mick, who have joined Bina, Ray and Lesley to forward the work of the Unit.

Mick had to forego being with us today in favour of attending a meeting in London, we were so relieved to hear he was on his way home safe and well unlike so many others today – our thoughts go with those people caught up in the London attack.

More workshops took place during the day, and there was so much incredible feedback from them all. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who facilitated sessions, whether professional or young people.  Being part of sharing your learning and initiatives makes this truly your event, your network and your shared journey.

Thank you to:

Mal Moody

Amanda Naylor

Neil Monk

Amanda Naylor

Bev Petch

James Houghton & Edward Thomas

Matt Farmer & Jodi Bree

Julie Tweedale & Libby Wadsworth

Steve Bond & Jag Kaur

Gavin McKenna

Sarah White

Sally Goodwin &  Christine Flinton

Jeannette Chipping & Jackie Barstow

Simon Abery

Jasvinder Chohhan & Paula Russell

Devin Kelly & Carwen Jones

Gavin Smyth & Heather Moran

Lucie Shuker & Debi Roker

Sean McGrath

Fiona Factor & Debbie Allnock with Paul Songira & Ivon Beer plus young people from Safe & Sound, Derby

Kerry Tate & Chiwo Mukome

Paul Ainsworth

Warren Larkin

Danielle Amann

Laurelle Brown

Sue Whitmore

Jenny Myers

Samantha Keith

Gregg Mead

Phil Morris & Gary Ridgway

Derek Smale

Our final key note speaker was Professor Alexis Jay who spoke about leadership, culture and child protection and concluded with an overview of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Knowing how busy she is and how much demand is placed on her, we were extremely pleased she could spare the time to join us and talk to those who will have a responsibility to implement the recommendations her work produce.

Our exhibitors make this event possible, I know many of you enjoyed the two days and have found the engagement a positive experience. Thank you to you all

Risual who sponsored the key note speaker slot – Professor Alexis Jay

The Children’s Society


Geoff Smith Associates

Price, Slater, Gawne

Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Exploitation

Safe & Sound

Hexagon Care Service



Care 4 Children


This event always feels like an annual family get together, catching up with those we haven’t seen since last year, those who we have email contact with who are just across the border but we’ve never met, those who met this time and have made plans to work together in the future.

Being part of this family is being part of something wonderful, it means you will always be valued and find support.

This family is an integral part of our daily lives and we welcome all of the new members with open arms.

Thank you so much for supporting us, we will see you again at our next annual get together on 18th & 19th April next year (if not before) where we will celebrate those who have attended all 5 conferences with a little surprise treat!

I hope you all had a safe and trouble free trip home.

 Sheila Taylor CEO