CSA Centre newsletter June 2020

Evaluating the CSA Centre: final report
We are pleased to publish the final report of an evaluation conducted by Research in Practice and the University of Bedfordshire. The report concludes that the CSA Centre has established itself as a hub of balanced, independent, and trusted evidence related to child sexual abuse, representing a range of expertise from academia and practice.
We want to thank all of our stakeholders who contributed to the report through interviews, surveys, event feedback and engaging with us and our work online.
Read the evaluation report
Key findings from the evaluation
The CSA Centre have:
  • Generated a large body of close to 40 publications including practice tools, effectiveness studies and research reports
  • Significantly contributed to understanding of the scale of child sexual abuse
  • Engaged a wide range of stakeholders, including thousands of practitioners through their Practice Improvement Advisors
  • Contributed to a cultural shift in the understanding of child sexual abuse, recognising CSE as a form of CSA while ensuring it doesn’t eclipse the issue of CSA more braodly
  • Promoted a balanced, independent view of CSA
  • Offered a centralised approach by a trusted independent organisation, bringing together expertise from policy and practice to improve responses to CSA, seen through their typology of offending and CSA data collection template
  • Influenced a range of key policy documents, frameworks and government strategies
Download the full report
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