COVID-19 Stakeholder and Influencer Toolkit – Overview Updated: 25 February 2021

● The Prime Minister has announced a 4-step plan for England starting from 8 March.
This roadmap is our route back to a more normal life.
● Each step of the roadmap relies on everyone following the current safety guidance
and, for now, staying at home.
● The vaccine programme is a vital part of the journey back to a normal life. More than
18 million people have been vaccinated, and the government has announced a new
target to offer a first dose of the vaccine to every adult by the end of July.
● The government also announced mass testing for secondary pupils as all schools
and colleges fully reopen from 8 March.

Key messages
● Please stay at home, to reduce the spread of the virus and the pressure on the
● If you are aged 64 or over, or have certain health conditions, you can use the NHS
National Booking Service to book your vaccination.
● If you are offered a vaccine please take it, it will help protect you and your friends
and family against the disease.