Personal information

You may at times be asked to supply personal information via the NWG Network website. Personal information is anything that enables us to identify you in some way, such as your name and email address.

If you supply such information, we are legally bound by the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure that such information is only used for the purpose for which it was requested and also to ensure that the data is held securely.



We may collect and record information in order for us to understand more about how our site is used and in turn to make sure that the site reflects your needs. To do this we may send cookies to your PC.

A cookie is a small file that contains information that allows us to recognise that you have used the site before, but will not contain any other personal data.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your PC it is possible to disable this function within your browser without affecting your navigation around the site.

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools, click on Settings, click on the Privacy tab and then use the slider bar to choose the level of privacy you want.

In Firefox, click on Tools, click on Options, click on Privacy, click on the Cookies tab and choose your level of privacy.



Occasionally we may ask you to fill in questionnaires or surveys whilst online. The data collected by the questionnaire or survey will only be used for the purpose stated on the form. You may also be given the opportunity to add your address details to our databases so we can contact you in the future. We will only use this information to contact you if you expressly give us permission to do so.


Requests for information

If you make a request for further information via the NWG Network website, the data will only be retained on the Web Servers as long as necessary in order to respond to your query.


Child Protection concerns

All enquiries which contain concerns about a child’s safety are passed immediately to the appropriate services. Data is not retained on the web servers. Personal information provided will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purpose of providing the necessary services to you and to meet our statutory obligations.



The NWG Network website may include links to other sites, not owned or managed by the NWG Network. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy of data collected by websites not managed by the NWG Network.

Who we share information with

  • The NWG Network does not rent or sell mailing details to any third party. However, occasionally the NWG NETWORK works with partner organisations or companies to send you information on other ways in which you can support the NWG NETWORK. However we will not simply add your name to another organisations database.
  • The NWG network may from time to time need to use the services of an Internet Provider. For financial and technical reasons these may be sited outside of the European Economical Area. Use of data by the Internet Service Provider on behalf of NWG Network is regulated and safeguarded by both international procedures and legal agreements to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. In particular we wish to ensure that data is adequately protected in the Provider’s country of business, as obliged by the 8th Data Protection Principle.


Users under 18

If you want to talk to someone about a problem or something is worrying you, you can contact us via the website.

However, if there is a risk of someone being harmed, we may have to pass some details on to Social Services or the Police.

If you use this site for information about fundraising, campaigning or supporting the work of the NWG Network please let an adult know.


Notification of change of Privacy Policy

Any changes to this policy will be notified by an icon being placed next to the Terms and Conditions’ link on the NWG Network home page for one month after the change occurs. You can read the Privacy Policy here.