Combatting CSE in Sport

In June 2014 Operation Hydrant was established to oversee the police response to non-recent child sexual abuse investigations that concerned persons of public prominence or in relation to offences which took place within an institutional setting. Between its conception and June 2018 there was 318 sporting institutions are referenced. By the end of 2018 the number was at 350, it is continually rising.

What we have to remember is that these statistics are about non-recent abuse and they are about the abuse that someone has been able to speak out about. So when we think realistically about this the picture is very different…..there will be so many people who have been affected by abuse and exploitation within their sport but haven’t been able to tell anyone, who’s abuse hasn’t been recorded by police and isn’t part of an investigation. And of course we cannot forget that there are children that are living this now……it is still happening. This is a current and incredibly real concern; one that we cannot ignore.

We need a joined-up approach to tackling abuse in sport and to do that we need parents, coaches, clubs to be talking and working together to tackle the issue and safeguard our children. And for me, which is why I do what I do, a part of that is the need for there to be the opportunity for quality discussions, learning and training available.

So….. do you facilitate a sporting activity or run a sporting club for children or know someone who does? Could your club review and refresh how they safeguard children and the systems and training they have in place?

Our CPD accredited training day, “Combatting Exploitation in Sport”, which was developed with the expert knowledge of Mike Hartill at Edge Hill University and delivered with myself (Sarah – NWG Trainer) and Kev our Response Unit Safeguarding Sport Lead. It will provide a deeper level of knowledge and understanding and offer you practical ways in which you as a coach, parent or practitioner can develop the way in which you safeguard. Along with this, you have Kev’s ongoing support if you need it to ensure we are tackling exploitation in sport together.

Our next Combatting CSE in Sport is scheduled for May 2nd 2019 at our Derby offices Gold members can attend this full day training for just £99.00 (non-members rates = £129.00)

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