Child sexual abuse victims to be granted compensation following criticism

The NWG Network applaud the move by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) to revisit and publish fresh guidelines to ensure that child victims of sexual abuse are not denied compensation on the mistaken grounds that they consented to a relationship.

We understand that victims will no longer be denied compensation on grounds of alleged consent where evidence of grooming and coercive control was identified. It is vital the Authority fully embrace the learning from research about the impact of constrained choices influencing victim’s actions.

This is a tremendous step forward for children and young people who become victim to sexual abuse through exploitation, and we know from years of working in this field that each action is a step forward to improving outcomes for our children in today society.

This is one more improvement and we know there is still more to do going forward, but today lets celebrate this progress, I’m sure it will flag up other areas that need strengthening in the future too.

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(source: The Guardian 31.10.17)