Download all relevant documents  at : https://whatworks.college.police.uk/Research/Pages/Vulnerability.aspx

The VKPP in partnership with the College of Policing have opened a call for practice for 2020. We are looking for interventions that police are involved in that tackle vulnerability and violent crime. Please click here to find the brief and letter from CC Bailey, which explains more about how our previous call for practice showed some gaps and how we are keen to build on this picture. The documents also outline what the benefits will be of sharing the interventions you are delivering.

We are interested in any type of intervention or practice linked to vulnerability and serious violence, including: approaches to information sharing and analysis; early intervention; prevention and disruption activity; policing and partnership approaches; and regional, force-wide or local projects. In the area of vulnerability, we are particularly interested in interventions which: focus on children and young people; address multiple vulnerabilities; and are aligned to national priorities.

Areas of particular interest in relation to serious violent crime include: online child abuse (sexual or grooming for criminal exploitation); knife crime; gangs; county lines; and the criminal exploitation of young people.

An intervention could be described as any of the following:

Prevention –

   Interventions focussed on preventing crimes from taking place. Includes situational prevention and people-based interventions.

Diversion –

   Interventions targeting ‘at risk’ groups to divert them from committing crime.

Reoffending  –

   Interventions that deal with the offender after an offence has taken place to prevent repeat offending.

Location –

  Applied to interventions where a location e.g. a car park or a residential street, is the target.

We are keen to hear about the work forces are doing, please don’t hesitate to contact the VKPP – ([email protected]) if you need any more information. Please share widely throughout your force so we are able to hear about the range of vulnerability and violent crime interventions you are delivering.

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