Call for Evidence of Cases of Abuse to Present to United Nations Human Rights Council

Call for Evidence of Cases of Abuse to Present to United Nations Human Rights Council
Dear Network members,

I trust this finds you well today.

As part of the wider work that WHRIN is carrying out with the UN Expert on Albinism, Ms Ikponwosa Ero, and Lancaster University, we have been asked to collate as much information as possible on the scale and severity of cases of human rights abuses that take place across the world due to beliefs in witchcraft. I am therefore contacting you today to seek your support with this work and to request for you to share any of the following information that you may have:

– Cases of witchcraft accusations
– Cases of murder for body parts, often referred to as muti murders, ritual killings and child sacrifice.
– Cases of abuse linked to beliefs in spirit possession
– Cases of human trafficking linked to the use of juju practices
– Any other cases that pertain to malevolent beliefs in witchcraft

We will look to collate the information into a report, which will be handed to various UN High Commissioners with a view to seeking their support for the 1st ever UN Special Resolution on these issues. This is groundbreaking work and is an important element to finding long-term solutions to put a stop to these horrific human rights violations. As such, I hope that you may be able to find time in the next 2 weeks to share with us any press reports, NGO case studies, blog posts or other forms of evidence that can be used to support our case to the UN.

The deadline for submission of this information is 24th May, so this really is an urgent matter and we would be massively grateful for any assistance that you may be able to offer us here.

Please send any submissions that you may have to me at

Thanks in advance for your support here.

Gary Foxcroft
Executive Director