Adapting to Covid: Streaming our plays in a Covid safe way

For all of us, young or old, Covid-19 has brought concerns around danger, safety and the need to protect ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our friends. For some this prolonged period of enforced lockdowns, ever-changing tiers and guidelines, social distancing and social isolation has added to and impacted pre-existing traumas and adversities. For others, the global pandemic has brought brand new experiences of change, grief, loss, trauma, toxic stress, anxiety and adversity.

For everyone, especially young people, there has been a social disconnect. A requirement for physical distancing, a fracturing of the unwritten rules and conventions by which we run our lives and an atmosphere of fear and anxiety that has led to potentially damaging social and emotional isolation and vulnerability.

Back in September, when my two children headed off for their first day back at school (one going into year 5, the other transitioning into year 7), I drove to our office and saw all the other young people making their way back to schools around town for the first time in a long time.  It struck me then just how important it is that we not only continue to actively address issues around wellbeing, mental health and safeguarding but that, as a society, we double down on those messages and ensure that they are openly addressed and discussed in the most effective ways possible. In ways that will do some good and not just tick boxes.  As we now settle into the third national lockdown, it strikes me even harder how important it is to get the messages out – and if we can’t get the live plays into schools then we need to get a version of them into schools that will help.

All of us at AlterEgo Creative Solutions Ltd believe 100% that live theatre is the best medium for the delivery of the vital safeguarding and wellbeing messages that we produce.  However, back in September 2020, we realised that, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the restrictions and risk management strategies that schools and other educational settings are having to keep in place into 2021, our live productions are simply not allowable, practical or logistically possible until we get to the other side of this thing.   As a result, we decided to spend the autumn working with our friends in the film industry to professionally produce a number of our key projects so that they can be ‘Streamed to be Seen‘ – watching the plays in a Covid safe way!

From January 2021 we are offering the streamed versions of ‘Chelsea’s Story (Child Sexual Exploitation) and ‘Going to Extremes’ (Radicalisation & Extremism).  From March 2021 we are adding ‘county lines’ (Child Criminal Exploitation) into the offer.

The filmed versions of the plays can be streamed directly into school halls, individual classrooms or onto homework platforms so that students can watch them from home when working remotely.

We are looking forward to getting back into schools and continuing the work that we love doing.  In the meantime, we’re hoping that the ‘Streamed to be Seen’ options will be a workable alternative.

To find out more, to check costs or to watch trailers for the productions please go to

Hoping that everyone stays safe and well in these strange and worrying times.

Sean McGrath FRSA

Creative Director

AlterEgo Creative Solutions Ltd