A good night!

Well it’s now 1 am and I have just left people still networking and making friends downstairs. It’s been a fabulous day, catching up with friends and colleagues from across the uk. A wealth of learning, new initiatives, new resources, and new connections. Although we still have not found the owner of the shoe left behind last year!

The Awards ceremony was a wonderful way to celebrate how far we have come over the past few years, congratulations to all our finalists and nominated individuals and groups. That there are people who have been so significantly influential we feel compelled to recognise their work, is a testimony to how this big family of professionals values each other’s commitment and dedication and it makes me very proud to be part of it. I was particularly please to give National and Personal Achievement Awards to both Debbie Walmsley and Mike Hand tonight recognising their own contributions to tackling the issues of Sexual Exploitation and trafficking.
Sheila Taylor CEO NWG