NWG New Guidance launched

**IMMEDIATE RELEASE**                                                22 February 2018

Charities and specialists unite to help stop child sexual exploitation

  • NWG, NSPCC, Barnardo’s, Victim Support, Children’s Society and others work together as a collective voice to tackle child sexual exploitation
  • Everyday around 147 children disclose sexual offences against them to police (all offences)

A national charity focussed on leading the fight against child sexual exploitation has launched new guidance today (Thursday 22 February) to ensure local areas work closely together to protect their children.

NWG, based in Derby, has an army of over 14,000 members such as police officers, nurses, GPs, social workers and others across the country who focus on tackling child sexual abuse through exploitation, trafficking and modern slavery.

Chief executive Sheila Taylor said: “Our aim is to create a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse through exploitation in our society and empower professionals to improve outcomes for our children, young people and their families.

In just one year 2015/16, 54,000 of children under the age of 18 disclosed sexual offences against them to the police and in the year before that 2,760 children were made subject of child protection plans because of sexual abuse.

We need authorities to work together alongside voluntary sector experts to co-design and commission services which end this horrific abuse.”

It has been co-created by the UK’s leading authorities on child sexual exploitation including the NSPCC, Victim Support, Barnardo’s, the Children’s Society, the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, Catch 22 and University of Bedfordshire.

The charity also worked closely with West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group and Birmingham Children’s Services,

The guidance presents a united voice from children’s charities on recommendations for the commissioning of specialist statutory and voluntary sector CSE services, promoting responsible commissioning which is child and family-centred.

NSPCC lead expert on tackling child sexual abuse, Jon Brown, said: “Child sexual exploitation is an insidious form of abuse in which groomers deceive children into believing they have chosen to be in this situation, leaving them feeling as though they have no escape.

At Childline we have seen a sharp rise in calls from children about grooming and exploitation, with young people as telling us about the confusion, guilt and shame they are feeling.

A co-ordinated local approach to tackling CSE is absolutely essential if we are to break this devastating exploitative cycle, help those young people understand that they are not to blame and to get them on the road to recovery.

I would implore any adult who suspects a child is being abused in this way to pick up the phone and call the NSPCC Helpline.”

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan said:  “We are delighted to have contributed to this important guidance that will help authorities to work more closely together alongside voluntary sector experts like Barnardo’s to better protect children. We hope it is used by commissioners to ensure child sexual exploitation and abuse services are fit for purpose and relevant.”

The guidance recommends that voluntary sector specialist services should be commissioned as part of local multiagency responses to CSE, and that services should be co-designed with voluntary sector agencies themselves. Recent research found that there is a potential saving of £12 for every £1 spent on providing a voluntary specialist child sexual exploitation intervention

NWG also hosts the National Response Unit for Child Sexual Exploitation, which helps practitioners to access guidance, support and practical interventions in live cases of grooming or other forms of child sexual exploitation.


Editors notes

For more information please contact Stuart Baird on 07799 678009

http://www.nwgnetwork.org/ @NatWorGroup

The guidance can be found here http://bit.ly/2EN20c7

The NWG Network works at the heart of UK wide response to child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Its expertise and leadership have led to involvement and influence in policy-making at senior government level. It was a core participant at the No10 Child Sexual Exploitation Summit, chaired by the Prime Minister in March 2015.

Based in Derby, it began as a small cross-sector network of practitioners from various organisations such as the police, people working in care, health and youth services.

In just a few years its membership has grown to over 14,000. Its work is largely behind the scenes, supporting practitioners with training, events and information, offering confidential specialist guidance on cases of exploitation and trafficking and supporting major reviews around the country.

Its members had an influential role in high profile child sexual exploitation cases such as Operation Retriever in Derby which saw 13 defendants arrested and Operation Kern in Derbyshire which saw the successful prosecution of 12 men.