2015 Calderdale Police Awards and the Knicker Exchange!

The 2015 Calderdale Police Awards evening was held at the Shay Stadium Halifax and saw Police officers , police staff and members of the public praised for their efforts in helping to protect the public.

Our CEO Sheila Taylor MBE was invited to present two awards, one to DC Barr and one to Keith Daniel.

Keith Daniel – For your detailed and advanced analytical development in researching and analysing child sexual exploitation. Your work, nationally recognised, is making an immediate difference in making our communities safer.

DC Barr – For your excellent and determined contribution within the field on preventing and investigating child sexual exploitation. Your work ethic and determined approach is second to none.

The Calderdale Knicker Exchange Scheme

The Knicker Exchange was introduced in Spring 2014. Whenever a child is missing in Calderdale and is suspected of being at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) or involved with CSE, the Police would attempt to seize that child’s knickers in order for a forensic screening to take place.

As a detective I found that some of the families wanted to help the Police by securing their child’s knickers however if their child was a regular missing person, the family would have to replace the knickers every time they were given to the Police. Many families told me that they couldn’t afford to replace knickers on a regular basis, making them reluctant to hand over the knickers for forensic examination. In order to increase their willingness to handover their child’s underwear, I requested funding to buy some knickers (in various styles and designs) so that we could give the child a new pair of knickers in exchange for the ones we needed. This resulted in some parents being much more willing to hand over their child’s knickers to the Police.

I also found that on speaking with a child involved or at risk of CSE they were never going to hand over their knickers. Sometimes this was because they were embarrassed by the appearance of their knickers or it might be their only pair, or their best, prettiest pair. I found that children were more willing to hand over their knickers if they were getting a nice fashionable pair in their size in exchange.

DC Angie Barr