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NWG Annual Enhanced Programme of Learning and Development Conference 2021

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The NWG Annual Enhanced Programme of Learning and Development is an opportunity for professional and personal development, exploring cutting edge techniques and new learning to prevent and safeguard children, young people and young adults at risk or engaged in exploitation, including sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation, human trafficking and modern slavery.

Our 2021 event will use the latest technology to bring you interactive workshops and keynote speakers. Spread over 3 half-days to ensure it is accessible to as many delegates as possible

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Our 2021 event will cover the following themes:

Families & Communities
Families and communities are a vital piece of the jigsaw of effective safeguarding. Historically families felt excluded from processes intended to protect their children and, in some cases, blamed in part for their exploitation. These workshops provide an opportunity to consider better approaches to working in partnership with families and communities, empowering them to safeguard their children.

Prevention & Disruption
Approaches to tackling child exploitation have seen an increased awareness of the value of preventative and disruptive tactics aimed at addressing issues before a child becomes a victim of abuse. Nationally recognised as a critical part of the response to child exploitation by The Home Office, prevention and disruption tactics draw on a range of multi-agency interventions. These workshops provide the opportunity to discuss issues, share best practice & develop new approaches.

Sport & Activities
Sport & leisure activities provide a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of children & young people. These activities should be accessible, safe from the risk of abuse and exploitation. The high-profile abuse cases involving football clubs and the increased referrals to Operation Hydrant in 2017 demonstrated the need for increased safeguarding awareness in sport, particularly at the grassroots level. These workshops will showcase how safeguarding partners and national governing bodies can support those offering access to sport and leisure for thousands of children and young people.

Education & Adolescence
Children and young people affected by exploitation report a ‘cliff-edge’ of support when they reach adulthood, despite ongoing support needs as a result of their adverse childhood experiences. A ‘hidden transition’ also takes place as children turn 16, with legislation and attitudes often contributing to less support being offered to older children. These workshops draw on emerging practice in response to a national challenge for professionals.



Keynote Speakers

  • The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP
  • Tracey Watkinson – Safeguarding Business Manager for the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership Title: Developing a Trauma-Informed Approach 
  • Anna Moss – Technical Lead for Community Safety with Plymouth City Council
  • Chief Inspector Simon Hardwick 
  • Lucy Title: The Forgotten Child Victims of Online Sex Crime
  • Gavin McKenna –  Reach Every Generation Title: Hope and Opportunity
  • Brooke Istook – Vice President of Youth & Communities at Thorn Title: Kids + Tech: Sexual Exploration or Exploitation?

Special Interest Groups to follow

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Reaching and engaging young people during the COVID-19 – Our learning

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NWG welcomes Matt Shaw from Youth Endowment Fund and Finlay Green from Dartington Service Design Lab to share their learning around engaging with young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Youth Endowment Fund was established in 2019 with a £200m, ten-year endowment from the Home Office. Their mission is to prevent children and young people becoming involved in violence.

In July 2020, they launched a £6.4m COVID-19 Learning Project for organisations based in England and Wales. It had two aims: first, to provide targeted support to young people at risk of being involved in violence. And second, to learn fast about the best ways to reach vulnerable young people during a period of social distancing.

In this webinar the Youth Endowment Fund, along with their learning partner Dartington Service Design Lab, share their findings from their research, captured in their first Insights Brief which can be accessed here .

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What Safeguarders Need to Know About Internet Pornography

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NWG is pleased to welcome Mary Sharpe from The Reward Foundation who will be talking about young people accessing internet pornography and how this can impact on them and their lives.

This webinar will look at the impact of internet pornography on the adolescent brain. This will include what safeguarders need to be aware of in terms of mental and physical health issues, attainment, relationships and criminality. We will also look at possibilities for prevention.

The Reward Foundation- Love, Sex and the Internet is a pioneering relationship and sex education charity.

Their Philosophy

Porn use is a matter of personal choice for adults. We are not out to ban it but we do believe it is a high risk activity even for those over 18 years. We want to help people make an ‘informed’ choice about it based on the evidence from the research currently available. We believe it is better for health and wellbeing to spend time developing the social skills necessary to make intimate relationships work long term.

The Reward Foundation campaigns to reduce children’s easy access to internet pornography because dozens of research papers indicate that it is damaging to children at their vulnerable stage of brain development. Children on the autistic spectrum and with special learning needs are especially vulnerable to harm. There has been a dramatic rise in child-on-child sexual abuse in the past 7 years, in porn-related sexual injuries according to healthcare professionals who have attended our workshops and possibly even deaths. We are in favour of the UK Government’s initiatives around age verification for users as it is a first and foremost a child protection measure. As the Digital Economy Act Part III has been set aside, we hope the government will accelerate work on the Online Harms Bill. This is not a silver bullet, but is a good starting place. It will not replace the need for education about risks.

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Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People

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NWG welcomes Lucy Whittaker, Founding Director and Lead Trainer, Alpha Vesta CIC and Natalie Queiroz, Survivor and Founder of Natalie Q Inspire and Inspire to Quit Blades who will be talking about the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people.

The Impact of Domestic Abuse

Lucy will firstly define domestic abuse and explain the broad spectrum that it incorporates. We will look at some of the narratives and stereotypes that sit around domestic abuse which prevent people from seeing, hearing and noticing the signs. We will then explore some of the broad impacts and ripple effects of domestic abuse.

Survivor Story – Natalie Queiroz

On Friday 4th March 2016 at 15:10 near a busy town centre, an 8 month pregnant Natalie was stabbed 24 times with a 12 inch carving knife in an attack lasting a horrific 9 minutes. She suffered appalling multiple life-critical wounds and awoke from a coma to find it was her partner and father of her unborn child that had committed the attack. It is one of the most shocking attempted domestic homicides ever seen and whilst Natalie has been left with long term and life-changing physical and emotional damage, she has gone on to become a motivational speaker and coach as well as found her own Community Interest Company, Inspire to Quit Blades, which works to deter young people from engaging in knife crime. She will talk through some of her story and why she is so passionate about reaching children and young people who have been subjected to domestic abuse.

The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children

Lucy will talk through many of the ways that children are impacted by domestic abuse from broad elements of physical and psychological impacts to more deep-rooted patterns of trauma and neglect. We will look at some of the behavioural indicators that we see in children and young people. This leads on to ………………..

The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Young People – Extra-Familial Harm

Children and young people experiencing domestic abuse in the home look to escape from much of that pain, powerlessness and fear. This can be achieved through psychological escapism, online and into their own fantasy world where they regain some of that power and control that they lack at home. Escapism is also achieved physically where they spend increasing amounts of time outside of the home. In both the online world and out in our communities, there are people ready and waiting who will be intent on grooming and exploiting them into a world where they think they will get that sense of belonging and power but sadly it’s a life of gang and knife crime, county lines and sexual exploitation and the dangers that then become associated with them.Natalie will talk through some of these key areas of what we term ‘Extra-Familial Harm’ and explain why our children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse are at increased risk where the cycle of violence and abuse continues into adulthood.

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Understanding Trauma Foundation Level – Online

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The aim of this foundation course is for practitioners to gain a more in-depth understanding of trauma and the impact it has on the lives of children and young people. The course will take delegates through a journey on how the brain develops during childhood and the importance of understanding this process for our working practice. There will be a focus on how trauma manifests and the ways in which we cope with trauma. This course aims to support practitioners to think about their engagement and skills in supporting young people who have lived through, or who are living through trauma. In gaining a more in-depth understanding of trauma and the impact it has on the lives of children and young people, practitioners will better equipped to offer effective support.

This foundation course is aimed at multi-agency practitioners from a variety of sectors and roles who are involved in supporting children, young people and their families in the field of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The course facilitator will be the NWG Trainer, Sarah Brown.

Since gaining a degree in Youth Studies from Nottingham Trent University Sarah has worked within a variety of backgrounds supporting vulnerable young people and their families, including the role of a Pastoral Manager in a secondary school and as a Family Resource Worker.

After volunteering as a counsellor for several years at ChildLine, Sarah was employed as a supervisor.

It was at ChildLine she developed her child-centred, trauma-informed approach to working alongside young people. She worked to increase the skills, knowledge and empathy of volunteers in areas such as bullying, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, self-harm and suicide to ensure young people received the best possible support available. Sarah’s time at Childline also involved managing and assessing both safeguarding issues and immediate life-threatening situations presented by young people within the counselling room.

Sarah is passionate about the way in which we support young people and the need for services and practitioners to recognise and understand how trauma impacts on young people and how we can offer more effective support based on an increased level of understanding.

Training will commence at 10 am, with entry online from 9.50 am, and will end at 3 pm.

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Harmful Sexual Behavior – Changing the way we see it…

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NWG are delighted to welcome back Jonny Matthew from the TRM Academy, This event will cover the following subjects:

• Clearer understanding of the crossover between victimhood and offending

• Understanding HSB behavior’s as possible symptoms of developmental impairment

• A word about technology-assisted HSB…

• Introduction to the Trauma Recovery Model (TRM) and it’s use working with HSB/CSE

• Understand and practice CPR (consistency, predictability and Reliability)

• Employing empathy in practice and matching the young person’s vitality of affect

• Apply TRM thinking to identify a young person’s progress

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Disrupting Exploitation Webinar

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Exploitation takes many forms, this webinar will enable us to explore the different types of exploitation that are perpetrated, discuss who the victims of exploitation are, including the variety of age ranges which victims of exploitation come from (children and adults). We will talk through the different disruption opportunities for Multi Agency Teams which can be utilised, without relying on a victim’s disclosure.

The aim of this webinar is to share practice between agencies and empower agencies to consider disruption opportunities to prevent exploitation and disrupt perpetrators.

This event will take place on Microsoft Teams – a calendar invite with the link to join will be sent to you prior to the event – please RSVP and check your inbox and spam/junk folder for the invite

We endeavor at all times to keep your email addresses private but unfortunately, some email addresses do not permit Bcc when sending Teams invites – please ensure you use an email address that you are comfortable to be seen should you be affected by this.

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An online workshop for parents and carers (19th may)

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Marie Collins Foundation (MCF)
MCF is dedicated to supporting victims of online child sexual abuse and exploitation. The foundation advocates
for children who have suffered from online abuse so that they are able to recover and live safe and fulfilling lives. It has
grown to become a dedicated team of specialists who support those harmed online through direct work with
children and their families and advising professionals and governments at local,national and international level.
In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore, in a safe environment,
• what online harm is
• ways you can effectively help and support your children
• understand why and how children can become victims, and
• how your response can be vital in enabling your child to recover

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Walk With Me UK – Supporting the Non-Violent Resistance (NVR)

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This workshop will provide delegates with an overview of the tools and principles of NVR. The trainer will share their journey of NVR and talk about how Walk With Me UK work alongside parents. You will also hear the testimonies of parents and a practitioner complemented by the evaluation results from the parent programme.

About NVRNVR is cleverly transformed from the political stand that Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Rosa Parks had demonstrated to bring about change in society to create peace. This method is now used within families and communities to strengthen and rebuild relationships, introduced by Professor by Haim Omer in a ground-breaking book called Non-Violent Resistance (2004) with huge success.

Delegates will work through a case study and will leave the session with a task to take away with them. Materials/handouts will be available after the event. There will be the opportunity to meet again, approximately 2 months after this event to reflect and feedback on the approach.


  • Understanding of the core NVR principles to apply to their practice.
  • Support their clients to practically manage the challenges and difficulties in behaviours that they may be experiencing.
  • Promote working in partnership with parent/carer/guardian effectively.
  • Consider self-care and well-being.
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Mind Your Language – Exploitation & Victim Blaming Webinar

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The language we use as professionals can have a significant, and potentially lifelong, impact on victims of exploitation. A victim of exploitation is never to blame for the abuse they have lived through, yet we live in times where victims are still blamed.

This webinar enables us to discuss victim-blaming language and how we can accurately and sensitively record and report on victim experiences. The aim of this webinar is to share practice between agencies and to explore ways in which we can develop the language we use.

There will be a presentation and discussion led by Sarah Brown, NWG’s Trainer, and a 30 minute Q & A to end the session.

This event will take place on Microsoft Teams – a calendar invite with the link to join will be sent to you prior to the event – please RSVP and check your inbox and spam/junk folder for the invite

We endeavour at all times to keep your email addresses private but unfortunately, some email addresses do not permit Bcc when sending Teams invites – please ensure you use an email address that you are comfortable to be seen should you be affected by this.

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